Fully-vaxxed VT hospitalizations up 9% last week, less/non-vaxxed down 2%

By Guy Page

Last week, Covid-19 hospitalizations decreased two percent among less/non-vaccinated Vermonters, while rising nine percent among the fully vaccinated, Vermont Dept. of Health statistics say.

Hospitalization among unvaccinated/not-fully-vaccinated Vermonters remains 3.2 times greater than vaccinated Vermonters. The statistics show the gap of infection and hospitalization rate – long much higher among the unvaxxed/not-fully-vaxxed – growing smaller in recent weeks. 

The Dept. of Health weekly briefing for at least the second consecutive week offers no statistics about the vaccination status of recent Covid-19 fatalities. Vermont Daily Chronicle has asked spokespeople for both the Vermont Dept. of Health and the Scott administration for this information, but without success. During the press conference, administration officials said 19 Vermonters have died of Covid-19 during October, but no further breakdown was available. Gov. Scott promised to provide that information. 

The week’s rate of infection also increased the most steeply among fully-vaccinated Vermonters. Gov. Scott was asked why 89%-vaccinated Vermont is experiencing a strong increase in infections, when the rest of the nation is seeing a welcome decline. He had no specific answer. “It is frustrating in a lot of different regards. There are a lot of different theories out there….Hopefully this will get through in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll start our downturn.” 

“We ask this question every day,” Levine said. “Bottom line, this is Delta.” He also noted less-vaccinated counties are showing higher infection rates. 

Scott later noted that Vermont is the third high-testing state in the U.S., which may contribute to our state’s high infection rate where elsewhere it’s declining. 

Scott and Human Services Agency Secretary Mike Smith both decried an apparent attempt of anti-vax mandate protesters to inhibit a vaccination clinic at the Doubletree – Hilton Monday. 

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  1. It is my understanding, having a family member who works the Covid ICU in one hospital occasionally…vaccinated individuals are only considered vaccinated IF the were vaccinated AT UVM. If they were vaccinated in Walgreens, rite aid, a local fair, grocery store etc — hospital isn’t considering them vaccinated. These graphs are lies…on average throughout the week it’s 50/50

  2. So, it seems that Scott is following “a lot of different theories out there” rather than the science. And Levine’s best answer is “this is Delta”? Why don’t they follow the evidence and admit that the VAX is not all they constantly promote it to be?

  3. “The bottom line,” Dr. Levine, is that more vaccination should equal less disease. Surely we can call agree on that much. Yet we’re seeing more vaccination and MORE disease. Is that not worth an investigation, instead of blindly doubling down on the same old plan?

    The first rule of holes: When you’re in one, stop digging.

  4. We can cut this whole article short.

    “The whole weekly briefing has been a lie for months, and the vaccines make people sicker. – The End”

    It would be interesting to know if health Care issues in general are up, and if so is it the vaccinated that are mostly being seen these days?

  5. “Vt. Daily Chronicle has asked for these (vaxxed fatalities) statistics…but without success”. The “statistics” will show deaths amongst the vaxxed and, I’ll bet, their ages are OVER 73, the average US expectancy, but then we ALL age & die, vaxxed or NOT. Remember when I asked them about Hank Aaron dying shortly after vaccination? “Anecdotal” they said..And one YEAR ago I asked about the Wuhan Lab funding & the leak? “Conspiracy Theory” said Dr. Levine. Now Colin Powell dies after vaccination AND a “booster”? “Co-Morbidities” they all say..Their answers/excuses are like fannies, everybody’s got at least ONE. Viruses will DO what they ALL do, manufactured or not, and speaking of which there’s been reporting the Wuhan Lab is “playing” with the NIPA viruses which have a 80% fatality rate, but not to worry, Dr. Fauci says he trusts the Communist Chinese “scientists”, see his grilling by Sen. Kennedy on Youtube sometime. Sure instills confidence in THIS citizen! At LEAST we up here don’t have vax MANDATES (yet) for THOSE are truly Nazi tactics, the idea that almost 1/2 the US population is FINE with MANDATING holding others down and FORCING a Gov.’t INJECTION for a virus w/a 98% survival rate makes me GLAD we still have a 2nd Amendment, “agency” and “bodily autonomy” be damned now I guess & it’s a scary thing to see.

  6. Good One Guy , Going National with that One . Our 10 / 10 Event already has 5 x the Viewership on Gab TV than the Uploads to Rumble and I uploaded to Rumble First . . Lets Make VT Daily Famous , God Bless

  7. Vermont is under a spotlight for a rising mortality rate over this past year. What is making mortality rates rise suddenly over the past few months? Vermont being #1 on that chart in the nation. National (non-mainstream) commentators are taking notice and pointing it out. The non-stop propaganda and hardline mandates to get the “clot-shot” is proving deadly and disabling to thousands of people. The Truth is widely available now and studies proving mounting evidence that this “vaccine” is, indeed, poison. Yet, the Scott administration will duck and dodge, fudge the numbers, and outright lie to cover for the criminal syndicate responsible for this genocide.

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