Fraud hard to detect if mailed ballot bill passes, video says

by Guy Page

In a fast-paced 10 minute video released recently, Rob Roper of the Ethan Allen Institute outlines what you need to know about S15, the universal mailed ballot bill approved by the Senate and now in the House.

In 2005, a commission led by former Pres. Jimmy Carter determined that mailed ballots increase concerns about voter privacy and fraud. This is especially true with the Vermont bill, which has no safeguards in place and no way of tracking voter fraud. As seen on the video, the Vermont Director of Elections admitted to a state senator that if someone signs and sends someone else’s ballot fraudulently, “it’s likely that that ballot will be processed.”

If someone gets hold of a ballot and votes for someone who moves away or doesn’t care, it’s impossible for election officials to detect. Fraud can happen on an organized level, where groups collect the over 100,000 mailed ballots that weren’t mailed in.

“Under this law we will never, can never, know” how many fraudulent ballots have been cast, Roper said.

Other states with mailed ballots have stringent security measures the Vermont bill lacks, including:

  • – Signature verification. Town clerks have no signature on file to check against the signature on the ballot.
  • – Prohibition of ballot harvesting. This practice allows candidates and organizations to collect ballots.
  • – Purging voter lists of dead, non-resident or otherwise ineligible voters.

Yet framers of Vermont’s “see no evil, hear no evil” mailed ballot bill refuse to add any of these measures.

Tampering with lawn signs is also illegal – but it happens. And lawn signs at least are out in the open, Roper said.

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  1. I have said this BEFORE,, NO POSITIVE ID ::: NO VOTE PERIOD. EITHER by PICTURE ID or verification of SIGNATURE To prove who is voting.

  2. The Vermont Constitution (Article 8) requires that our elections be secure…

    “That all elections ought to be free and without corruption…”

    I understand that Americans today view “convenience” is a top priority. But if we make voting more convenient, we also need to ensure that election integrity is not sacrificed on the altar of convenience. Unfortunately, S.15 makes that sacrifice. Why do legislators want a bill that violates our State Constitution?

    Here is my list of provisions that should be considered for S.15…
    • Require voters to include a photocopy of official photo ID, or ID number (if ID is state-issued), or last four digits of Social Security number
    • Ban “ballot harvesting” – the practice of campaigns and special interest groups collecting ballots directly from voters,
    • Utilize, as Florida does, the SAVE (Systematic Alienation verification for Entitlements) law-enforcement database to check the citizenship status of registered voters.
    • Match registration lists with the US Postal Service’s National Change of Address list and with the Social Security Administration’s Death Index database.
    • Mail non-forwardable postcards to all voters informing voters where and when to vote. Any returned as “undeliverable” would then alert officials that a person may no longer be eligible to vote in the jurisdiction.
    • Require new voter registrants to disclose where they were previously registered and acknowledge that they authorize the Vermont Elections Division to arrange for the cancellation of their previous registration
    • The State should (1) require colleges and universities to provide the Vermont Elections Division with the home-towns of students, and (2) check (at least randomly) whether college students are voting in both their home-town and in the town/city where they are going to college. Those who are found to be registered to vote in both would be heavily fined.

  3. Is it really so hard to reverse or is that fair warning not to try?

    Write every legislative person involved on this vote with your concerns (not that they don’t already know) – DEMAND TO TABLE IT and then demand a hand recount that better match with the Dominion counting machines from the 11/3/20 election – the same Dominion machines used in New Hampshire where they found FLIPPED VOTES in Windham NH – know where to start and wake up people – your illusion that elections are free from interference is just that and for anyone to think otherwise is part of that interference or naïve.

    The time is now – there is NO need for the vote by mail scheme. We have an absentee ballot process and hours of operation for on sight voting and knowledgeable and OATH sworn Town Clerks quite capable of handling any election!!

    And why was it necessary for the vote by mail process last year to be farmed out of state to the very company used by New Hampshire and being questioned about it?


  4. I’m thinking that awakening Vermonters putting together an ever growing indictment list for our legislators. Lets’ consider basing our voting decisions on candidates’ “laws to repeal” list.

  5. This was an excellent ,informative report, the type I like to read. I do not like all the changes to our voting rules. These changes do make voting less secure. I value my vote. Any fraud is unacceptable to me. Sec of State Jim Condos does not think my concerns are of any value. I think the Sec. of State would want fair and honest elections. He is more concerned about non-existent voter suppression. All voters, regardless of political party should want fair and honest elections. I heard at Gov. Scott,’s press conference that out of state college students aren’t qualified to get vaccinated. Yet, out of state college students can vote in our elections. Why the double standard.?

  6. So many great examples of how many ways fraud ballots can slip into wholesale mail out ballots.

    Vote on voting day, during extendedhours, For those not able request an honest “absentee’ Ballot to complete and mail back.

    Everyone gets to vote – if they care enough – and the voting is pure and honest!

    The favored candidate wins honestly!! No street hookey pookey with our Elections.

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