Frank Mazur: ‘Climate change’ about top-down control

To the editor:

China, Russia and radical Muslims are national security threats yet President Biden and Senator Sanders says global warming is our greatest existential threat.  Biden’s priorities are refocused now on mitigating climate change.  Principia Scientific  International reported Global Warming was first adopted at a David Rockefeller meeting in 1968.  The participants agreed to worldwide government, reduced energy use and ultimately lower population levels. 

Our earth’s climate has changed over its 4.6-billion-year history with no noticeably man-made warming or climate change.  Contrary to alarmists, CO2 doesn’t cause measurable warming but nightly cooling.  Planetary motions and the Sun affect climate. Our government has spent $178 billion tax dollars (’93-17) on climate change studies.  If doomsday is imminent no study has pushed nuclear which emits no CO2. 

The Democrats have spewed global warming fears often enough that they believe it.  The world is laughing.  This focus distracts us from real world security threats.  Biden is blindly hoping China will play an important role in promoting global environmental governance despite its genocide and international threats.  Global warming is a tops down politically motivated control hoax, perpetuated by the press and taken root the world over.  Freedom and liberty will be trampled by this hoax if we let it. 

Frank Mazur

The author is a former member of the Vermont House of Representatives from South Burlington.

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  1. A least since 2011 (and likely before), the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other at the Pentagon have raised global warming as a national security threat. I think when the military keeps raising this issue, it is hard to say it is a left wing hoax…

  2. Maybe the Climate Changers should take time to read / study the Malinkovitch Climate Cycles .The earth’s Axis changes tilt over time as well as the distance from the SUN Varies. This causes a wobble in our Planetary orbit which causes climate to gradually change.

  3. The authors of this hoax (do the research) should speak for itself. We have been swindled folks in a VERY big way on the climate issue. Follow the money always – trace it back – we should have been goners a few times since these hoax artists began their campaigns. Phony photos, phony science, phony threats like so many other things in our face right now. Logical thinking!

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