Four VT colleges require student vax this fall

By Guy Page

Norwich University, Bennington College, Champlain College, and St. Michaels College will require students to receive the Covid-19 vaccination as a condition of enrollment for the fall, 2021 semester. 

Nearby Dartmouth College (NH), Plattsburgh State (NY), and Westfield State (MA) also will require vaccination, University Business website said. Neither the University of Vermont nor the Vermont State Colleges at present require vaccination. Middlebury College reportedly will issue fall semester guidance this week.

Norwich, a Northfield-based college with a strong military history and program: “To create the best experience for all, Norwich University has joined the growing number of higher education institutions requiring the COVID-19 vaccination for Fall 2021.  All students, faculty, and staff on campus in the fall will be required to confirm vaccination,” said a May 11 statement on the school website. 

St. Michael’s: a liberal arts Catholic college located in Colchester: “Beginning May 23 2021, Saint Michael’s College will add the COVID-19 vaccine to its list of required vaccines for students. Students will also be required to keep their COVID-19 vaccinations up to date as booster shots become available. Saint Michael’s joins a growing list of colleges and universities requiring the COVID-19 vaccine to help ensure that the campus is safe and can resume normal operations when appropriate and to protect those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons.”

The SMC dashboard shows a total of 54 total positive tests, with no-one now in quarantine or isolation. 

Champlain College, a Burlington school with a strong business program, on May 6 published this statement: it is our intention to require that all students returning to campus in fall 2021, including those studying in Montreal and Dublin, be fully vaccinated once the vaccines have received full FDA approvals. We will work with individual students who have qualifying exemptions, including for medical or religious reasons. We have not yet determined whether vaccination will be required for faculty and staff.

Bennington College has not yet decided whether to require staff and faculty to be vaccinated. But on April 16 it published its decision on students: “To ensure the health of the community and to provide a safe environment for learning and living, Bennington College will require full vaccination for students returning to campus for Fall 2021.”

Photo credit St. Michaels College Facebook page

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  1. Faculty, staff and students should be free to make their own decisions regarding medical interventions in consultation with their medical practitioners and without coercion. A COVID-19 vaccine requirement, as many colleges and universities are implementing, would violate basic human rights, including the right to bodily autonomy, and would create discrimination based on vaccination status. Given the injury stats on these vaccines, college and university policymakers to abandon any policy that would mandate a COVID-19 vaccine. If a COVID-19 vaccine policy is enacted, we should urge consideration of the following:
    – Exemptions for those who object based on medical, religious, or personal reasons.
    – Exemptions for those who have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and have immunity.
    – Equal access to campus activities regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status and without asymptomatic testing.
    – Prohibition of vaccine passports or other vaccine status disclosures which might violate medical privacy and lead to discrimination.
    Sign the petition at:

  2. So, as soon as enrollment dwindles, you’ll see this go away, b/c you know it’s all about the $$.

  3. Can you say Illegal !! An EUA mean that it cannot be mandated. If it were any normal Vaccine then it would have been pulled by now. Over 4000 deaths so far and they continue to use it is just plain crazy !! Nuremburg 2.0

  4. Write your letters to all the Presidents of all these schools –
    President Laura Walker at Bennington,
    President Dr Benjamin Ola Akande at Champlain College,
    Dr Lorraine Sterritt at Saint Mikes, and
    Col. Mark C. Anarumo at Norwich.

    “Young Adults are a healthy immunologically competent and vibrant group that is at extraordinary LOW risk for C0v!D morbidity and mortality.’ In other words there is no need for the jab.

    Remember if you are harmed by this JAB – YOU are on your own. You cannot sue anyone. The drug manufacturers are not libel for any adverse reaction or death.

  5. This is a very unjust action. I sincerely hope lawsuits are filed pronto. To force healthy young students and in many cases faculty and staff to get an experimental jab for this? For something which in VT has killed people at an average age of 80!

    I hope students transfer to other schools. I feel for the faculty and staff that will be forced to choose between their jobs or their life/health!

  6. Its all part of the great reset. The ruling class has had enough of trying to appease the masses. UN agenda 2030 which is the Progressives dogma that wants people herded into cities. Live in 800 square foot apartments with all heat, air conditioning and appliances controlled by the government via the I of T. The pandemic, the climate change initiative, inflation, and the cancel culture are just the means to get you there. And its happening all over the world. Biden will blame the next pandemic outbreak on the non vaccinated most likely in the fall. I find it interesting that blood clots are a side effect of the Covid vaccine. Has anyone asked the questions ….. if mRNA is telling our trillions of cells to make a protein that looks like the spherical spiked ball of the covid virus, when does it stop doing so? Does it never end? What does having the trillions of spiked proteins in our blood do to our circulation? If the mRNA protein is in all our organ cells via the vaccine as opposed to just the respiratory system, will the antibodies start attacking all organs when we’re exposed to the corona virus a second time? I guess time will tell. But then again they who controls the media controls the truth. The answer to 1984 is 1776.

  7. “Their” reset yes – pay close attention for media changes – it’s beginning to get interesting. I wonder just how many will even notice after all the programming that has been making the fight that much harder. Wait for it because it’s coming.

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