Former Obama communications staffer to lead new statewide media

By Guy Page

The University of Vermont has launched a new, not-for-profit news media that its founder says is aimed at building stronger local communities. It’s called Project 14, and it is the next step in development from a pilot project news service created a year ago and overseen by Richard Watts, Director of UVM’s the Center for Research on Vermont. 

According to its website, “Project 14 emerged from the lessons, ideas and enthusiasm of UVM’s Community News Service, a student-powered partnership with community newspapers across Vermont. CNS is a reporting service that pairs student reporters with professional editors to provide high-caliber, hyperlocal content at no cost to the papers.” 

“Through our work, we’ve identified areas across the state that could benefit from strengthened information, communication and civic collaboration,” the Project 14 website says. “With funding from UVM’s Office of Engagement and the College of Arts & Sciences, we are working to address these needs in all 14 counties of Vermont.”

Vermont Daily published several Community News Service stories, including a profile of Teen Challenge program members involved in Green Up Day. 

Project 14 will be led by a former Obama White House communications staff member, Meg Little Reilly, a Brattleboro native and UVM graduate. According to her bio, “Reilly is a writer with roots in national politics and civic activism. She previously worked for President Obama as Deputy Associate Director of Communications and Strategy at the White House OMB; and prior to that, as Spokesperson at the U.S. Treasury.  She is the author of three novels and her work has appeared in national newspapers, magazines, podcasts and public radio stations around the country.”

Regional editors include a former editor of an environmental journal, a social media manager for Sustainable Transportation Vermont, a UVM environmental/climate change major, and a Winooski paralegal involved in community not-for-profits. Six counties have local Project 14 media works-in-progress, eight counties are as yet undeveloped at this time. 

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  1. Get ready folks – anything or anyone to do with Barry’s White House or any of Barry’s houses for that matter is trouble – UVM must be taking serious cash from foreign entities to be all in on the Wuhan Flu bioweapons and social justice community organizers…infiltration – not invasion

  2. Government-sponsored media funded in part by China…..and of course Vermont is a top priority for dissemination of further propaganda. Thanks, Bernie!

    That’s the “good” thing about brainwashing – most don’t recognize the indoctrination process whatsoever, as radicalism becomes their new god/religion. Ask Columbia University & the hundreds of other “higher” education institutions, including all the Catholic Universities run by Jesuits, who routinely warp young minds with rigor & intent.

    You folks don’t have an “Ivy League” education – you have simply been proselytized – into a “faith” of nothing, of hypocrisies, of science FICTION in many respects, & in blindly following ruthless, brutal, murderous, self-serving, long-ago failed historical leaders whose amoral & even evil intent meant nothing more to them than materialistic/monetary gain through total power and control – NOT freedom.

    • Kathy – excellent description! Will the “real” Bernie please stand out – how about Welch and Leahy!!
      Seen them around lately? This little project will be short lived, but please remember who is part of it as they expose themselves more and more. Make a list!

  3. Watch out Bill McKibben , here is your female competitor .From Meg Reilly first novel review : “Meg Little Reilly, a former White House staffer and Environmental Defense Fund communicator, has drawn from her own experiences in these areas to craft a novel that reads as much like a love letter to the ecology of her native Vermont as a serious cautionary tract about the dangers of global climate change. She peppers her story with environmental facts and statements from experts in the field, and makes use of her own knowledge of the area in an attempt to ground the story in reality. This part of the story is interesting and compelling.”
    This will be a new/old statewide media . Now that the pandemic has disappeared from the daily news as an agent of terror ,time to bring back a new /old reason for Vermonters existential anxieties. .

  4. Establishing a news platform for and by the residents of Winooski…
    Driving through Winoosdki this afternoon all I observed were “immigrants” and transplants wandering about an increasingly blighted urban dump.
    Someone has successfully ethnically cleansed Winooski of its French, Irish, Italian and Polish heritage because, presumably, there was something shamful about the people who built the city.
    Shits getting old.