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Former lawmaker makes emergency landing of bi-plane along I-89

Former lawmaker George Coy, a Swanton resident and a leading authority on Vermont aviation regulations, was co-piloting a small bi-plane when it made an emergency landing in a field between Rte. 2 and I-89 in Richmond Sunday afternoon.

Former VT lawmaker George Coy, photo eea.org

According to Vermont State Police, an aircraft experiencing mechanical issues made an emergency landing in a field in Richmond, between I-89 and US RT 2. The aircraft made a safe, controlled landing with no injuries. The pilot was Kyle Clark of Underhill, and the second pilot was George Coy of Swanton.

According to testimony he provided in 2020 to the Vermont Legislature, Coy served two terms as a representative on the House Transportation Committee (1978-1981) one term as Grand Isle County State Senator on Senate Finance and Natural Resources committees (1983-1984). He founded in 1996 and until 2007 operated (with his son, Clifford) Border Air Ltd., a small business at the Franklin County Airport. He is a founding member of Vermont Aviation Advisory Council Inc. (a Non-Profit aviation advocacy group supporting aviation education), is a member of the Vermont Aviation Advisory Council Governors Commission, and is a pilot, aviation mechanic, retired flight instructor, business owner.

VT State Police, Richmond Police, Richmond and Bolton Fire Departments, and The VT Air National Guard Fire Dept. responded to the scene.

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