‘Force of nature’ takes on vax & climate mandates

VDC columnist Alison Despathy now publishes her own page on Substack

By Guy Page

On September 21, 2021, the first of a three-part series exclusive to Vermont Daily Chronicle described in great detail how the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of the synthetic mRNA Pfizer Comirnaty ‘vaccine’ failed to “offer any added fact-based security, safety, justification or comfort.”

This series introduced VDC readers to someone Vermont Independent video news interviewer Rob Williams has called a ”force of nature:” Alison Despathy, homesteader, home-school teacher, college instructor, clinical nutritionist, VDC and now Substack columnist and State House policy activist.

In less than two years, Despathy has gone from living in what she describes as a home-schooling, homesteading bubble to becoming a well-known, well-informed voice in the public discussion about major issues: vaccine mandates, climate legislation, and the push to close college libraries. 

It’s the pandemic’s fault. 

When the first pandemic-related lockdowns hit, Despathy recently told Williams in a March 30 interview, her politically-minded husband said, “well, that was a nice, 250-year experiment.” 

“I told him no, don’t say that. Don’t ever say that,” she tells Williams. Until then the ‘quiet’ one in the couple, Despathy embarked on a season of self-education and, increasingly, speaking out. 

A Pennsylvania native, Despathy attended the University of New Hampshire because (like many suburban-raised children), she wanted to live among nature in a more rural setting. She met her future husband there, and after traveling to other states they bought their land in Vermont. Life was family, teaching, and clinical nutrition until her above-mentioned adverse reaction to pandemic mandates. 

Despathy’s first efforts for VDC were informational opinion columns. More recently she has stretched her wings to writing straight news, in particular about the state college efforts to close the school libraries. Now she publishes her own Substack page called Letters of Hope and Change: the quest for truth, liberty and virtue, a name that would sound hokey unless like Despathy you know in your gut those things matter and can write about them in a refreshing, evergreen, Vermont-centric manner. 

Despathy is perhaps Vermont’s most outspoken columnist to point out the hypocrisy of equity advocates supporting S.5, the climate reduction bill that adversely punishes poor rural Vermonters and promotes renewable energy industry benefiting from horrific third world mining of essential metals. 

As she tells Williams in their interview: “Equity doesn’t stop at the borders of Vermont.”

Alison Despathy, on purpose or not, is a role model for other people who lack a journalism background but have unquenchable fire in the belly to speak their truth. 

“We have to get that voice out there,” she tells Williams. “We have to bring that balance, especially in Vermont.”

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  1. Alison is a force of nature, indeed! I’ve likened her to an ever-erupting volcano, spewing forth informed factual information in a way that is educational as well as accessible. It’s not just the depth and accuracy of her information that is impressive, but also the breadth of her interests and knowledge. Keep on keepin’ on, Alison! May your energy keep abounding, and may many blessings find you! 🙂

  2. Calling out the lies and deception is a duty that many don’t have these days. It takes great courage to speak up and act. Particularly these days when law and society is weaponized against those who speak up against the petty tyrants here and in DC. There are many sitting in prisons, many being threatened, many being assaulted, many being killed for standing up and speaking out against the evil perpetrating our State, our nation, and our global community. Be warned petty tyrants, God will not be mocked. His hand and His soldiers are on the move. The gates of Hell will not prevail.

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