Flood watch for all of Vermont thru Monday

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Watch for all of Vermont from Sunday afternoon through Monday evening.

Excessive runoff from storms may result in significant flooding of rivers, creeks, streams, and other low-lying and flood-prone locations, according to NWS. Vermonters should monitor weather reports and be mindful of water levels on rivers and streams and get to high ground if floodwaters approach. Never drive or walk through floodwaters, unseen currents or washouts can sweep you and your car away. 

Vermont Alert delivers up to the minute weather and other warnings to your phone or email. These alerts are personalized to notify you of problems in specific areas. The service is free; you can register at For a complete forecast, visit the National Weather Service forecast  (Bennington and Windham counties) (Rest of Vermont) Vermonters should ensure their safety and the safety of those around them should they encounter flooding. 

  • If rising water is approaching, leave. Evacuate over high ground and plan that route now for this weekend and any time there may be flooding.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker in your home before you evacuate – if you can do so safely. Have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical system before you once again occupy your home if it has been flooded.
  • Never drive or walk through floodwaters. Strong currents or unseen washouts can sweep you and your car away.
  • If you are in a flood-prone area, or if you believe your home will be flooded, it is advisable to move valuables from your basement in case water enters your home.
  • Check your insurance coverage now, and then contact your insurance company if you have damage.

Web resources: Vermont Emergency Management Facebook: VEM Twitter: @vemvt 511 road closures on Twitter: @511VT 511 on the web:

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  1. But the white shoe boys at the USDA say we are in a drought here in Vermont.
    Nevermind we have had rain nearly every day for 2 months.
    I’ve got some really poor looking crops this year because the ground is so saturated. But as of July 6,2023 the USSDA insists we are still in drought….

    • I see that(!?) Over three-quarters of VT is considered “abnormally dry” – except the extreme southern portion (Bennington/Windham Counties).

  2. Fake news and fake weather – there is nothing they won’t lie about or deceive the populace with impunity. Even the USGS removes and downgrades earthquakes to hide the facts of what is really happening under foot. We are in the long emergency. Best be prepared and stocked up as well as able to – we haven’t seen the worst of it all yet. It is a good thing the Governor is spending $22 million on a bike path and $7 million on EV charging stations! We can forage for wild edibles on the bike path and plug in grow lights at the EV stations perhaps?

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