Flood rescue team vandalism part of Morristown crime wave

The Morristown Police Department reports it has received numerous calls over the last several weeks of burglaries into businesses and acts of vandalism in the village area of Morristown. 

July 14 – a swift water rescue team was stationed at the Morrisville Fire Department. During the overnight hours, someone vandalized their equipment trailer in an attempt to gain access to the equipment inside. 

July 23 – the Manosh Car Wash reported that the coin kiosks in the building were vandalized and an undetermined amount of money was taken and over $30,000 in damages was done to the equipment. James Russell, 39, homeless and Wendell Wallbridge, 37, of Morristown were both arrested for Felony Unlawful Mischief. 

July 31 – the Napa Auto Parts store had a welder stolen with a value of $669.99. Good Samaritans were able to retrieve the stolen item and it was returned to the store. This case remains under investigation. 

August 4 – The Siam Valley Thai Restaurant reported they were burglarized and money was stolen from the building as well as significant damage was caused to the door that was broken. Video for this incident was posted for the public on the Morristown Police Department Facebook site. This case remains under investigation. 

August 14 – Menard’s Agway reported that they were burglarized with approximately $649 worth of merchandise stolen and damages to their building. This case remains under investigation. 

August 14 – Aubuchon Hardware reported they had a theft and vandalism at their store. Approximately $180 worth of merchandise was stolen and damage was done to their building. This case remains under investigation. 

August 15 – the town-owned flowers and art displays on Portland Street were vandalized during the overnight hours. This case remains under investigation. 

The Morristown Police is asking the community to be vigilant and contact us immediately at 802-888-4211 if they see strange activity or suspicious behavior. 

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  1. There’s no excuse for taking advantage of the flooding situation. Exploiting victims of this or any other disaster is a shameful reflection of the thieves’ lack of decency and character. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior – I trust God will take it into account whether or not the thieves are caught.

  2. Morrisville has a serious junkie problem. Many of our woke public officials like to make excuses and provide exonerating reasons why someone who commits a crime should not be held responsible. Some will argue that the crimes committed were minor or inconsequential. Some will cite rough upbringing or drug addiction as some kind of an excuse for the criminal preying upon others. A crime is only “inconsequential” if it doesn’t target you, but there is still the overall message that inadequate law enforcement sends to those contemplating criminal activity. Perhaps there ought to be a HEIGHTENED level of enforcement and prosecution when the victim was in a state of vulnerability or circumstance where property is left unprotected due to a natural disaster such as flooding? While not a big fan of Islamic culture in general, the practice of removing the hands of thieves in such a circumstance does seem that it would provide a proper level of deterrence. It’s would be rather difficult to use IV drugs without hands.

  3. I worked post recovery efforts for Irene, Sandy and Maria, which amounted to duty locations in Vermont, NY/NJ, and Puerto Rico/USVIs.,,,
    Hurricane Sandy -while posted in Queens NY- was the ONLY place I witnessed people looting and stealing from members of their own community during these times.