Flood forces rival schools to share athletic fields, combine teams

from today’s Journal-Opinion

This summer’s floods in Vermont have changed the high school athletics landscape, literally and figuratively.

The Hardwick Gazette reported in its Aug. 16 edition that the floods “completely destroyed” the varsity soccer fields at Cabot and Twinfield, last month. As a result, a burgeoning athletics cooperative between those two schools and Danville will accelerate. 

“So, while the devastation from the flooding this past summer may have helped push the co-op between these three schools over the finish line, the writing has been on the wall for quite some time,” wrote Ken Brown for the Gazette

This fall, varsity girls soccer will be combined across all three schools. Both the boys and girls middle school soccer teams will also be combined across all three schools.

Although it is likely the three schools will unify their varsity boys soccer programs in the near future, Twinfield-Cabot hopes to field its own varsity boys soccer team this fall.

“With Cabot’s rec fields sitting under sewage, sand, and silt and Twinfield’s competition field lying under nearly a foot of sand from the floods, the Trojans will hope to be able to use their upper field behind the school for practice,” Brown wrote. “They will play mostly if not all away games this fall at alternative sites such as Danville or U-32 for potential home games.”

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