Flamin’ hot porta-potty

A porta-potty in Fairlee village was set aflame on Wednesday night after a vandal or vandals set off fireworks inside the lavatory, today’s Journal-Opinion reports.

Fairlee Police Chief Wayne Briggs said the incident took place at around 10:30 p.m. A nearby resident heard the fireworks go off, looked outside to find the porta-potty on fire, and called 9-1-1.

An Orford firefighter, who was in the vicinity, responded and quickly put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher.

Neither the nearby resident nor the firefighter saw anyone in the parking area, Briggs said.

Fortunately, there was no hot mess to clean up. Unfortunately, it was the second time in approximately 48 hours that vandals struck this very same porta-potty.

On Monday evening, someone tipped it over. The resulting spill was cleaned up the following morning. Briggs said it did not appear that the porta-potty was used between Tuesday morning and Wednesday night.

The portable toilet is located in the town’s park and ride next to the former train station along Route 5. It serves the Fairlee Flea Market which attracts visitors and vendors to the common in front of the train station on weekends during warm weather.

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  1. This is the type of crime VERMONT has been famous for, that is before all the drug overdoses, the shooting so in Burlington, now we’ve adopted big city policies and gotten big city problems. How some of long for tha days of stray cow making the news, and thankfully major crimes like this.

    Perhaps if we weren’t so easy on drug dealers this might be the limit of our crime sprees.

  2. Sounds like some people in town need to know where their children are after dark!

  3. Seemingly random, relatively unimportant attacks such as this are a tactic of the violent Left. The criminals who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse had set fire to a dumpster, which is a common tactic. They attacked him for extinguishing the blaze.