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First non-Vermonter granted access to doctor-aided death law

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WCAXNewsmaker Interview: Are Vermont banks on solid footing?
WCAXOpponents of Lake Bomoseen herbicide application push statewide ban
WCAXCanada releases new numbers on asylum-seekers crossing from Northern NY
WCAXConn. woman 1st non-Vermonter granted medical aid-in-dying right
WCAXBETA Technologies introduces new all-electric airplane

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  1. New Hampshire, “Live Free or Die”. Vermont, “Come to Vermont and Die”.

  2. There are a few politicians to whom I have suggested they walk off a bridge….is this different ?

  3. If you have ever witnessed a loved one forced to live a life in pain and suffering because medicine is keeping them alive and the nursing home is getting paid then you would say thank God this state has found its humanity!