First Lady Jill Biden will fly tomorrow into Burlington International Airport, to be renamed for Patrick Leahy

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger announced yesterday that Vermont’s largest airport will be renamed for Patrick Leahy, who spent nearly 50 years in Congress representing Vermont before leaving Washington, D.C. earlier this year.

In the link, Seven Days notes that the airport is located in South Burlington.

The news comes as First Lady Jill Biden is due to visit Vermont and Maine tomorrow.

“During the visits, the First Lady will highlight how career-connected learning and workforce training programs are central to the Biden Education Pathway, and the importance of investing in these programs that are preparing high school and community college students for jobs created by the President’s Investing in America agenda.”

Biden will visit electric aviation company Beta Technologies, according to SD. – Journal-Opinion newsletter

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  1. Cudos to her for coming close to the immigrant crisis on the northern border unlike Joe who stays a LONG way away from the border crisis on the southern border.

  2. Ugh. Gross. I’ll never forget seeing Leahy lurking about in my local grocery store, wearing a dumpy “I’m just a working Joe,” down jacket, fishing for leftist complements over his support for Russia Russia Russia anti-Trump hysteria, which I alone, apparently, knew to be complete BS.

    Can’t we just call it the airport? The airport in Burlington? You know, the Burlington Airport? “Leahy Int’l.” Get outta here.

  3. Thanks to spook Leahy for bringing spook technology to the deer, beavers and red-winged blackbirds of rural Vermont – electric drones in your skies daily now…you can HEAR the difference.
    Look up.
    Qui bono?
    What IS it they want to know?
    Or are they just mapping for Google?
    Leahy – soooooo many skeletons in that man’s pockets… and here’s the proof of who’s strings he pulls…

  4. Other names that would also work….

    Quiros-Leahy International

    Griftberger International

    Porkpat International

    Vermontmob International

    Patahack International

    Influence Peddler International

  5. Seems like another waste of taxpayer money that we didn’t approve 🙄

  6. What is sad day for Vermont history renaming our airport after a CCP senator.

  7. Burlington Airport has a 100 year history. Ethan Allen Airport seems more fitting. If they do indeed need to name it something other than it’s logical current name. What about all those early aviators, daredevils, wing walkers, War heroes from WWI and WWII, The Green Mountain Boys, . . . seems like picking a swamp creature to name an already aptly named Burlington Airport is a disservice to its history and to the men who put it on the map. And creepy Jill do do the deed. How fitting. We do not comply! I’ll always call it Burlington Airport. Everyone else should do the same!

    • Ethan Allan, are you crazy. He was a rich white racist that owned slaves, wanted people to have guns and was an insurrectionist.

  8. Does anyone know what time we should really print off a lot of big FJB signs!!!

  9. Guess it doesn’t matter that Porter Airlines yanked their “international” flight to Toronto over 10 years ago, whatever you do Burlington make sure you keep that part. It makes us sound so much cooler. 😂