Fireovid: Support parallel media

by Robert Fireovid

If people are to be informed about what’s really happening in Vermont, publications like the Vermont Daily Chronicle are a necessity.

We cannot be self-governing if we don’t know the truth, and the ruling class knows this. Vermont’s statewide establishment news outlets – Vermont Public Radio, VTDigger, Seven Days, Front Porch Forum – and even most local papers like Times-Argus, St. Albans Messenger, Rutland Herald are all strongly biased against conservatives and free-thinkers. They actively censor what they tell their audience.  This happens because their reporters and editors are trained at today’s colleges and universities, which are run by Marxist (i.e., Centralized Control) professors.  

Although it’s hard for me to envision Vermont completely digging out of the Marxist hole it has fallen into, I strongly believe that conservatives and freethinkers need to establish parallel systems that allow us to remain self-supporting, self-governing, and to pursue happiness as the regime decays and rots. For example, we absolutely need to preserve home schooling; and we absolutely need news outlets through which we can communicate and unwrap the truth like free men and women.  

Consider the incredible sacrifices and risks that the men and women of the American Revolution took to win their and our freedoms, including the right to a free press. Surely we can ‘sacrifice’ just $50 or $100 a year so that we, our children, and our grandchildren can enjoy the rights and freedoms which were won for us and which only we are the only ones willing to maintain.

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  1. Agree, we need parallel News Outlets and a parallel Economy, our own Conservative Communities must thrive. Barter can be back when the current cash system fails. We have our Freedoms from God and not man. Many of us have ancestors who have fought for Freedom from the Revolutionary War and onward. We will not Bent, not Yield, we will never ever Give Up. We will Fight to the end. God goes before His People. Pray for deliverance, Pray for Salvation. The choice is a personal one. Choose wisely, eternity is a long time. Note: PayPal is censoring your account (as I’ve read), beware, they are planning on penalizing subscribers $2,500 if they don’t like your views, what you shop for, what you say online.

  2. Marx is not the problem, you would wish these fools understood Karl Marx; rather the problem is that opinion is controlled by the financial oligarchy, the Foundations that fund VPR…the flagship of propaganda, with a warm, fuzzy, smug evil that is has pushed America into funding NaZi’s in the Ukraine to start world war III, totally behind Trump’s concession to Big Pharma and the Covid Clot Shots that Bernie Balint and Scott are pushing on old and young….under “compelling State interests” – the mRNA poisons that were known to not work and harm people.

  3. Yes. For example, FTX of cryptocurrency exchange fame just went bankrupt this week and it was an FTX representative named Nishad Singh that made the very large donation to the Balint campaign. And Singh apparently was connected to another PAC with close ties to the Bankman-Fried family (just recently bankrupt). I want to know what else happened with regard to this news that was reported in VT Digger and Seven Days. Was the donation ever turned down? IS VERMONT INVESTED IN FTX?

    • CEO of FTX is Samuel Bankman-Fried. Samuel’s parents are Barbara Fried and Joseph Backman, both Stanford Law School professors. Barbara is the co-founder of Mind the Gap, a Democrat super PAC. “Samuel Bankman-Fried donated $5 million to Future Forward, a Super PAC that supported President Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020.” The exchange was founded in May 2019. FTX began within Alameda Research, a trading firm founded by Bankman-Fried and others in 2017 in Berkeley, California. One report showed the Ontario Teachers Pension fund invested $95 million into FTX. FTX filed bankruptcy yesterday, November 11, 2022. Reportedly, the exchange owes as much as $8 billion. The fallout has just begun. The Truth of the players and the money is being exposed. Hallelujah!

  4. Right on, Robert…I will gladly send in my donation as a Vermont Chronicle financial subscriber…I am thankful that this a principled resource we can turn to in order to negate the liberal pablum spewed by the radical Think Stink Tank that is trying to erode the rights and freedoms we have long stood for in this once proud state…