Fireovid: Republicans, let’s talk about abortion

by Robert Fireovid

The Vermont Republican Party needs to seriously think about why it lost so badly in this election. The exit polls show that abortion was a major driver for most voters. 

Republican legislators who voted for Proposition 5 (which I BTW strongly opposed) couldn’t get elected. Yes, many Republicans oppose all abortions. But the Vermont progressives and Democrats successfully painted ALL Republicans as such. “If they are a Republican, don’t vote for them, period. The GOP wants to outlaw all abortions.”

Of course, the mainstream media lapdogs of the Vermont Democratic Party (VPR, Seven Days, VTDigger, etc.) did nothing to question this propaganda. 

But worst of all, the Vermont Republican Party hamstrung itself from countering these charges. The State GOP Platform says, “We value the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.”

Now, I fully understand and respect anyone taking a personal position like this. But matters normally addressed by political platforms – such as balancing rights – are different.

For instance, I myself consider all life to be sacred. But my wife and I raise grass-fed beef for food and must balance the rights of our cattle to a life with all the dignity that Nature offers, versus people’s right to nutritious food. Even though we kill our cattle so that we and others can have healthy lives, we still treat our beeves as sacred beings.  Rights involve trade-offs; and individuals, families and societies must balance these trade-offs. 

By having a Party Platform that allows for the unimpeded election of a veto-proof democratic/progressive General Assembly, the Vermont Republican Party has now put many other rights which it considers important – parental rights (including school choice), gun ownership rights, religious freedom, freedom of speech, medical choice rights, etc. – all in grave peril. 

Sacrificing practical political considerations is not smart politicking.  A recent post on a nationwide Republican Party Facebook page pretty much sums this up…

“To whomever needs to hear this: we need MORE votes, not LESS. So we need more voters to join the GOP, not less. Make sense?”

The author is a South Hero beef farmer and Grand Isle County GOP Committee member.

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  1. A human baby is not a cow or a piece of beef. Good grief. Republicans lost because the media is owned by the far left and the Democrat machine is cheating with mail in ballots, Dominion machines and absolutely no voter integrity rules. They are cheating and Republicans do not cheat.

    • Wherever there is a contest people will figure out ways to cheat. If you think that ANY political party is immune to dishonesty and the like, i have a bridge you might be interested in buying.

  2. Again: When you’ve lost your free press, you’ve lost your free country. History is merely repeating itself because all of those who have do not/cannot learn history are being doomed to repeat it.

    The VT GOP is a disgrace and laughable. The national GOP headed by McConnell is the same.

    The GOP just refuses to fight fire with fire as defined above. When the GOP held both houses of Congress, they were stymied as all they were concerned with was keeping that power – they did NOTHING to secure elections or secure the border or to transform election laws to enable integrity. If it were not for Donald Trump, the SCOTUS would also be completely compromised.

    Instead of FEARING what was coming down the pike for us in terms of the deliberate ruination of this nation to usher in socialism or this demented “liberal world order” – they “feared” Donald Trump who sought to eliminate the massive waste and deep corruption that the D.C. swamp exemplifies — and potentially their positions & power.

    Without colossal changes immediately implemented, the USA is done for. Sound flippant? It is not. It is simply our realism. The US culture & educational system is failing fast & our laws/legislation as “one nation under God” is no longer. Yes, in the end – God shall win but God is synonymous with the USA. The “empire” is falling and falling fast; we once lived in a country, though never perfect but one which once strived to be, is the laughingstock of numerous nations. We have been defeated by socialism, by corruption, by “open borders” lunacy. We are DONE FOR. Unless?

  3. Word is out that certain deals were struck regarding certain supreme court cases. Hence, lack-luster support from the RNC for America First candidates. The collapse of FTX/Alameda is exposing how funding of the past two cycles was really done…among other things. The entire selection process is to coverup what they have done over decades. The money people contributed, believing they were doing the right thing for the causes they support, was a massive hustle to keep the uniparty intact and in power.

  4. When you have supposed Republicans such as Phil Scott, Rich Westman, Heidi Scheuermann, Felicia Leffler, and other GOP who voted YES to Prop 5 on its long journey through four legislative sessions, how can we expect to see abortion abolished in Vermont? If it were not for the minority of courageous Republicans who did not betray their party’s pro-life platform, such as Vicki Strong, Mark Higley, Anne Donahue, Art Peterson, and others who unashamedly voted pro-life and against Prop 5, it would be even worse.

    I’m hoping there can be a consensus of legislators, Republican or otherwise, who would relentlessly sponsor a Heartbeat Bill such as has passed in other states like Ohio. Perhaps the ridiculous vagueness of the language of Article 22 can be challenged by something as scientifically and morally robust and uncompromising as a Heartbeat Bill. I know it seems impossible here, but we shouldn’t just throw in the towel because Article 22 was ratified. Of course, a Heartbeat Bill would first have to make it out of committee. Wilberforce fought for forty years to see slavery abolished. God, please not let it take that long here…

    • Ya know everyone on here says that Phil isn’t a republican, maybe its the party that has left all of you behind? and you are clinging to a former version of the republican party? your ideals may not change, but the party can change ideals when they like. The party’s platform doesn’t need to cater to your ideals. find a new party.

  5. First, Proposition 5/Article 22 has nothing to do with abortion. Rather what it really has to do with is slavery and sterilization, for the text places ‘personal reproductive freedom’ as subservient to “compelling State interests” which with the reports world wide of unprecedented still births, miscarriges and infertility relative to the introduction of the Department of Defense mRNA Covid-19 so called “Vaccines”, with unprecedented deaths and adverse reactions, find now an excuse for such a slaughter through this new, illegal Amendment.
    Why at some point, the State’s compelling interest might be to force pregnancies, as one’s reproductive capacities are the now placed in the bulls eye of the State…a State of Vermont, where slavery is still legal. for those of us of legal literacy to know what the status of a person is!

  6. This election was not won on the merit of the ideas presented. It was won entirely on the execution of the propaganda.

    When you put a mail-in ballot in the hands of every Vermonter and then you spend millions of dollars saturating every possible advertising medium with a message giving a compelling reason to fill out your ballot right now and put it in the mailbox… you win.

    Blaming the loss on the VTGOP for explicitly valuing all human life as a tenet of its platform is like blaming a woman for getting raped because of how she was dressed. Women can most effectively avoid getting raped not by dressing more conservatively, but by becoming experts in using a firearm for personal protection.

    We don’t need to change our platform to be successful, but we do need to get much, much better at marketing it.

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