Fireovid: Professionals with heads in the political sand moving to Vermont

by Robert Fireovid

My wife and I befriended someone who recently moved to Vermont to escape the fires and the crime in California and to partake of the natural beauty here. I offhandedly mentioned the upcoming election and was shocked to hear her declare, without hesitation, that she will vote straight Democratic, without a second thought. End of discussion.

Robert Fireovid

Lest you think this is an isolated phenomenon, almost every other person I know of who moved to Vermont within the past 10 years suffers from the same blind allegiance – they will not vote for any Republican candidate ever, period. 

Why are these professionals but ostriches flocking to Vermont? Thanks to our avowed socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders, the rest of the USA sees Vermont as a far-left socialist stronghold. Most of those who move here would celebrate finding a socialist utopia.  In addition, many of those from other states believe that, except for the RINOs among us, Republicans are all Trump-worshipping, zero-gun-restrictions, and zero-abortion extremists. The success of the Democratic party and their mainstream media minions in hoodwinking people into believing that all Republicans are dangerous religious fanatics and “white supremacists” is a testament to the power of political propaganda programs. 

Speaking of which, when these newcomers arrive, their blindness is maintained and strengthened by Vermont’s far-left mainstream media. Vermont Public Radio and Seven Days, and even VTDigger are the only source of news that these willfully blind newcomers will listen to because they hear only what comfortably confirms their partisan prejudices. 

So, what can Vermonters who want small, distributed, and limited government do about this? Although Vermont seems to be overrun by big-centralized-government-loving, politically-mindless, straight-ticket voters, our situation isn’t hopeless – yet. What needs to happen is that every, every person who might vote Republican must vote this November. Get your neighbors and friends to the polls. Offer to drive them there (you can’t pay them to vote, however). 

Two tips… If you cast your ballot at the Town Hall on election day, the Town Clerk will want you to bring your mail-in ballot. If you “lose” your mail-in ballot, you can still vote on election day (Nov 8). 

Something else that needs to be said… Vermont’s government programs to attract more people to Vermont just bring more leftists, and these programs need to end as soon as possible. That is, unless Vermonters who believe in self-governing communities of self-reliant individuals have a strange suicide wish. 

The author is an active Republican and Grand Isle County resident.

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  1. Vermont’s generous social welfare system attracts countless people, who are all too willing to adhere to the “woke” agenda. Many are encouraged by extremists here to immigrate. They can, and do, sway localized elections.

  2. The only way this can be solved is to move to another state like I did in 2019. When I went in the Army in 1972 Vermont was still one of the most Conservative states in the country. When I retired and returned in 1992 it was one of the most liberal/socialist. You are now so outnumbered that even Brandon’s daily screwups won’t make them vote for anything else. They are that blind and stupid. Good luck.

  3. The Blue Flu epidemic disease has strangled values, morals, and sound principles in
    Vermont…Sanders, Leahy, and Welch are the vectors and we are the recipients…Stand strong, Vermont…let’s counteract this disease with a huge shot of a Red antidote solution in November and beyond…

  4. Thus the brain drain from Vermont. An equally important story would be the exodus of intelligent people deciding to leave a state to which angry leftists flock and thereby no longer live under their looney intolerance. As the story points out, the leftists who come here to leave the cesspools they’ve created by voting like zombies for the worst possible people do the same here.

    • Vermont voters, not all but the majority prove that we can’t out run, legislate or force the stupid out of democratic voters. The libs I know are all miserable and can’t be trusted. As stated, it is a cult and deprogramming doesn’t work here due to the media propaganda arm of the dem/prog party. Listening to VPR or NPR is like scraping nails on a chock board and what are the only two channels you can always find in VT on a the car radio, NPR and VPR. I prefer to listen to the wind outside my car window.

      Imagine, liberals used to hate authority, now they love and promote big government fascism, the theft of freedom and individual rights (abortion isn’t a god given right), the indoctrination of the schools and the censorship of individual thought. They are a disgusting lot and have ruined this once great state. If you are sitting on the side lines and refusing to vote because you think your vote doesn’t count, a non-vote doesn’t count either and you are an enabler for the continued push to socialism right here in this state. If you do not agree with the socialist take over of Vermont, get off you ass, register to vote and vote for freedom not democrats or progressives. There’s an old saying, there are two ways to change the government; voting and shooting. It would be much better for all of us to vote. Take back Vermont, with your vote. This is something you can do for your state and your children in the privacy of the voting booth. No excuses!

  5. Leftism/Progressivism is a Cult. It practically takes an act of God to break free once fully indoctrinated.

    • What better place for them to come. Vermont becomes a bluer blue place. They really can’t do any further damage. We’re already gone.

  6. I recently an opinion written by “ChuckG” who stated he had joined the Army in 1972 and found Vermont had changed (politically) dramatically, going from conservative to extremely liberal. As a native who was born and brought up in Vermont, I have also moved from Vermont for a variety of reasons, one of them being the frustrations my wife and I had in trying to establish reasonable conversation with my fellow citizens about the current state of federal and state governments. My last remembrance of anything like this occurred at the Fire and Ice restaurant in Middlebury when Donald Trump was President. One person in our large group mentioned President Trump’s name and I found out later that a person sitting at the table next to us stated that “it was time to find another table.” If I had been aware of the that comment, I would have asked that person why he wasn’t wearing his uniform to dinner. His comment reminded me of the “language police” that existed during the Rene Levesque in the province of Quebec (1976-1985). As a former Democrat and now a right-leaning Independent, married to a Republican, I can only comment that my wife felt overwhelmed by the far-left out-of-staters who had moved to Vermont, and were not at all tolerant of any political views that weren’t like theirs. I’ll close by saying that on a road trip about five years ago, my wife and I drove from Arizona back to Vermont, and we didn’t see a single BLM sign anywhere until……we re-entered Vermont. And we saw three before we reached South Burlington. How interesting that all the folks coming to Vermont from liberal states are here “hiding” in the politically converted and in some years the “whitest” state in the USA (Vermont), and these liberals can safely espouse to all about protecting the “oppressed” while they live safely in one of the lowest crime rate states in the USA. Thanks. Reg Boucher

  7. Don’t worry. Well-to-do socialists don’t allow certain types to move into their special hideaway territories outside of the cities.

  8. I may be the outlier here but in NE Vermont every newcomer I’m meeting is very conservative. And there are a lot of them.
    Many of the libbies that came during Cov19 are already leaving in droves.

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