Fireovid: Petition opposes 16-year-old vote

by Bob Fireovid

You likely know that the Vermont House passed a bill (H.361) to allow 16-year-olds in Brattleboro to vote in municipal elections and to serve on town boards. Crazy? Well, our beloved (not!) Congressman Peter Welch recently gave his support to a federal bill that would allow 16-year-olds across the whole country to vote. What the??

Looking back, I have to you say that all the 16-year-old teenagers in my world, including my kids and myself, were clueless – clueless about what it takes to be wholly responsible for my own welfare, let alone be responsible for the welfare of everyone in my community.

BUT the majority of House members seem to think they can make whatever law they want without much concern about what the Vermont Constitution requires. Oh, and in spite of having taken an oath to “…not propose, or assent to, any bill, vote or resolution, which shall appear to you injurious to the people, nor do nor consent to any act or thing whatever, that shall have a tendency to lessen or abridge their rights and privileges, as declared by the Constitution of this State…”  Uh, giving voting privileges to 16 and 17 year-olds dilutes the voting rights of those 18 and older.

We’ve had it and are circulating an online petition calling out this unConstitutional bill. You can read and sign the petition at this link…https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/declaring-a-vermont-bill-un-constitutional.

Please sign this petition TODAY as the Senate will likely act on this bill very quickly and send it to Gov. Scott. If you cannot sign today, please sign it ASAP! Also, please forward this email ASAP to as many people as you can.

Note: If you do not want to get occasional emails from iPetition, you should uncheck the box labeled “Keep me informed on this and similar petitions.” But even if a signer doesn’t uncheck this box, they can send iPetitions an email asking to unsubscribe. For more information about iPetitions, go to https://www.ipetitions.com/faq.

Remember, as our State Constitution says, the government serves you…”That all power being originally inherent in and co[n]sequently derived from the people, therefore, all officers of government, whether legislative or executive, are their trustees and servants; and at all times, in a legal way, accountable to them.”

So make them hear your voice!

The author is a South Hero resident.

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  1. Thank you Fireovid! This Petition must circulate and be signed to everyone who cares about Vermont and it’s Constitution! We The People have to Stand Up and fight for our State or else it will no longer be a free republic under it’s Constitution. Our “elected” officials WORK for us, we pay their salaries! Now, we need a Petition for the horrendous S.15 so-called Election Bill. There is NO Voter ID, No Signature Verification, there is Ballot Harvesting, Mail-in Ballots, Drop Boxes and even Drive-thru voting! There will NEVER be Honest Elections in Vermont if this goes through.

  2. Absolutely NOT! Instead of making our voting rights a “right of passage” into civil society where voting in and of itself is a great opportunity to know the candidates, educate oneself on the proposed local laws and VOTE as our constitutional right…we lower it’s significance by allowing 16 year olds to vote. There is such a thing as “readiness”. Let the teens have their new driver’s licenses and learn to join us on the highways. Let the teens graduate from High School and join us in the work world. Let the kids grow up as kids and take upon themselves more serious duties when they are more serious too. Once they are older they are more honed to take upon themselves civic responsibilities. Don’t you remember what it was like to be 16? Life was ahead of you with hope and good times with your friends. Let’s allow maturity to work it’s magic and give them time to ruminate!

  3. Touché Bob – music to my ears here. I think people need to do some reading and begin with the following:


    Next read up on the off shoots of 1619 Project a couple being Critical Race Theory and Social Justice.

    Last but not least (once you begin your dive) ask your schools for curriculum material and see how forthright they are with getting it for you!! Some material has been provided by BLM! These indoctrinators must feel our children are ready – minor activists ready for orders from their handlers.

    It’s time people…even the history many of us learned in school will be revealed as lies. The unseen enemy (soon to be seen) has written history how they felt we needed to see it to support their agenda’s and narratives. Tell-a-vision also aided them in this plot. Now the young new regime through these projects are being groomed to erase the rest of it. These projects foster hate, racism, and a deplorable agenda on sexuality that inverts good and turns it into something that is ungodly.
    There are generations this so called JAB is intended to wipe out because we are in the way of the unseen enemies progress. That should raise the hair on your necks.

    History is repeating – their play book has been uncovered thanks to Patriots and God fearing people.

    Your turn!

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