Fireovid: Due diligence missing from VPA sports ruling

by Robert Fireovid

Regarding the March 14th Daily Chronicle articles reporting on the Vermont Principals Association’s punishment of the Mid-Vermont Christian School, the VPA is making policy decisions inconsistent with current science. Some of the most progressive countries in Europe (e.g., Sweden, Finland, Norway, U.K.) have stepped back from “affirming” transgenderism for minors because the science shows that many children who have been led to believe they are transgender are actually suffering from autism, ADHD, depression, social anxiety, social isolation and loneliness, or social media syndrome and social contagion, are gender non-conforming, homosexual or bisexual, or are simply experiencing psychological challenges in their passage through puberty and adolescence to adulthood. 

Robert Fireovid

Minors who underwent transgender medical interventions but subsequently regret their actions are now suing the medical organizations involved in misdiagnosing and mis-prescribing those interventions. Further, if the statute of limitations for malpractice were longer, there would be more such lawsuits.  

Claims about trans identification being a proxy for suicidality typically rely on apples-to-oranges comparisons. That is, they compare rates of suicidality (which involves thoughts of suicide as well as nonlethal self-harm without an intent to die) among youth who identify as trans (or who actually suffer from gender dysphoria) with rates among youth in the general population. 

An apples-to-apples study would compare suicidality rates in the first group with suicidality among non-gender-distressed youth with similar mental health comorbidities (e.g., depression). A recent study did exactly that and found that the disparities in suicidality between gender-distressed and non-gender-distressed youth all but disappeared. 

For example, in Canada, referred trans-identified natal males had almost 49 times more suicidal behavior than non-referred males but only 1.8 times more than referred (non-trans) males. Among females, the rates were 17:1 (referred to non-referred) versus 1:1 (referred to referred). In other words, youth with gender-related distress are roughly in the same category of risk as youth without gender issues but with similar psychiatric problems.

Recently, a whistle-blower who describes herself as “politically left of Bernie Sanders,” who is married to a trans-man, and who was a case manager at a pediatric gender clinic for years, quit her job and publicly accused her former employer of deliberately misdiagnosing mentally distressed youth with gender dysphoria. 

In any major medical decision, the doctor and patient share in the decision-making process by considering all appropriate treatment options. This is known as “informed consent.” Failure to obtain informed consent is one form of medical negligence that may expose a provider to legal liability. In general, informed consent requires that the patient have the capacity to reason and make judgments, the decision must be made voluntarily and without coercion, and the patient must have a clear understanding of the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment alternatives or nontreatment, along with a full understanding of the nature of the disease and prognosis. 

Gender-focused hormonal therapies can result in hair loss, permanent voice change, nipple discharge, blood clots, heart problems, decreased libido, bone loss, erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm, and even infertility.  Given the facts presented above, when parents are told that they must choose between fully and uncritically accepting a gender-affirming care plan, or condemning their child to death by suicide, are these parents capable of a rational decision or are they being coerced? And minors are unlikely able to make life-altering decisions, especially when they are not comprehensively informed about the risks and about viable alternative treatments. 

Of course, helping the very small number of children who truly suffer from gender dysphoria is a proper course of action. And bullying or threatening anyone on account of their proclaimed gender identity is reprehensible. 

But at the same time, it’s wrong to invite other minors down the rabbit hole of unnecessary confusion, the severing of otherwise-healthy parent-child relationships, and ultimately to biochemical or physical mutilation, and yes, suicide when these former children find that gender-focused medical interventions have both left their bodies irreparably broken and didn’t really help their psychological impairments anyway. It’s also wrong to punish anyone who doesn’t pledge allegiance to a religion or ideology.

Whereas progressive European countries are pursuing science-based policies, the VPA is listening only to wildly biased, unscientific opinions of ideological activists, advocate groups, and medical professionals/institutions with at least apparent if not actual financial conflicts-of-interest. 

I would be happy to share more information with VPA or anyone else about the facts regarding transgenderism in schools.

The author is a a resident of South Hero.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be good for some of our public Radio and TV stations, if they had honest reporters, to report on this and make it public. Where are they when you need them? Watching more children get mutilated?

  2. Due Diligence is missing from the Vermont Legislature, most Town Select boards & City Councils, & the entire Vermont Judicial system. Why would anyone surmise that they would find anyone exercising Due Diligence at the VPA?

    • This is what has trickled down from our exec branch for years……well Ive been saying it for years and believe it to be 100%true……next in line says “well if they do it” ….right down to the local TC office…….corruption reigns.

  3. I recently heard a podcast from Dr. Jordan Peterson talking with a Clinical Therapist and during their discussion, the fact that Tehran, Iran is the number 1 country in the world for performing these brutal “trans-gender” surgeries, should make us think! Do we want to be in the same bed with Tehran?? It was also discussed that it used to be a one to two year process in therapy and has now been condensed down to three sessions before giving the go ahead to mutilate young children and adults with drugs and surgeries.
    Praying that the truth will be heard before we lose a generation.

  4. ‘helping the very small number of ADULTS who truly suffer from gender dysphoria is a proper course of action. And bullying or threatening anyone on account of their proclaimed gender identity is reprehensible.’ that is the policy in Iran and was initiated by the father of the Iranian revolution, Khomeini. A far cry from penalizing a whole girl sports team for refusing to play with a male opponent and threatening to withdraw tuition support from schools that identify as religious and performing hormone therapy on minors outside the ethical rules of informed consent. It’s as wrong to drag US Ignorance and belligerency against Iran into this argument, as wrong as it is to stage Thailand’s trans as an example tolerance and acceptance of trans since the majority of them are sex workers.

  5. Due diligence is not compatible with virtue signaling, self-righteousness and
    foolhardiness. Just saying. You go, VPA!

    • And you are led like a sheep to the slaughter! You Go Charlie!
      And as the nation destructs………..males are males and females remain females.

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