Fernandez: in Burlington, people stood up to the lunatic fringe

by Peter Fernandez

Have you ever heard of Vermonters for Justice & Peace in Palestine? Two decades ago, 12 Chittenden county residents organized a “grassroots effort” to disparage the Jewish state.

Peter Fernandez

This Burlington-based political group for years has been sharing a bizarre “alternate universe” propaganda e-page replete with preposterous maps: “What if Israel Invaded Vermont? – Wall built in Montpelier forces out Vermonters; 100 Military Checkpoints!”

Bigoted revisionist belief systems have nothing to do with history, facts, and other realities. Presenting the Jewish State as an unhinged renegade entity, like Iran or North Korea, is one thing, but to libel Israel an invasive political virus is quite another. That’s a set of lies that Julius Streicher, founder and publisher of the Nazi tabloid Der Sturmer would approve.

VTJP exploits our state as an alternate “occupied territory” in a fancied Bizarro-World conflict zone. Their published mission statement includes even more manipulative language: “brutal Israeli occupation” and “settler-colonial project in the occupied Palestinian territories,” including “the horrific siege of Gaza.” To misinform the already misinformed that Gaza is still occupied is a lie. Israel left Gaza in 2005, but Egypt still occupies Gaza’s southern border, which VTJP ignores.

“There is not a single Israeli soldier, policeman, settler or citizen in Gaza,” writes Alan Dershowitz in a September 26 Gatestone Institute article.

Gaza could have become Singapore on the Mediterranean, with a seacoast, farming and democracy. Instead Hamas overthrew the legitimate government of Gaza by force and assas-sination. In effect, Hamas ‘occupied’ Gaza.

Last month, VTJP, and other progressive haters attempted to make Burlington the first city in the USA to include BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions) to their town charter. They failed because people stood up to the lunatic fringe, especially the Chittenden County Jewish community and Mayor Weinberger.

When and why were Vermonters for Justice & Peace in Palestine formed? Their first meeting was hosted in April 2001 by late professor of propaganda, Sister Miriam Ward, at Trinity College.

Originally calling themselves “Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel, the tenacious 12 are now supplemented by a haughty gang of selfless supporters, and an office located at 60 Lake Street in Burlington. UVM and Middlebury College pro-Palestine groups, VTJP, and a cornucopia of other BDS organizations produce polluted fruit to feed and sustain today’s anti-Zionist media and campus culture. It’s cool to sport a keffiyeh and be a pro-Palestine activist, especially on campus, where left-wing academics indoctrinate our impressionable youth, as well as bully and alienate Jewish and Christian students.

The tip of today’s anti-Israel & American spear is Democrat Congress-women Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts. Regarding the Squad, Alan Dershowitz explains why they do not reflect the Democratic Party’s mainstream policies.

“They represent niche districts that are not typical of the Democratic base,” Dershowitz said. “They could not be elected in any statewide race, because they lack the widespread support.”

“They were nominated because of low turnout in primaries and were elected because their districts are overwhelmingly Democrat. They are fringe Democrats who should not have influence beyond their districts. But the House leadership has exaggerated their significance and given them more power than they deserve.”

These fanatics always seem to be posing for press conferences, never making time to earn their over-inflated pay-grade by passing bills. VTJP backs these Congresswomen’s efforts to remove the monies necessary to sustain Israel’s Iron Dome. However, last week the House passed a stand-alone bill authorizing $1 billion in funding for Iron Dome munitions. By a 420-9 margin, the bill passed with eight Democrats and one Republican against.

“The fact that the Squad would try to deny Israel the right to defend its civilians speaks volumes about their lack of morality and decency among Squad members and their allies,” continues Dershowitz. “It follows from this effort that the Squad will oppose any and all aid to Israel, including protecting their innocent civilians against Iran’s nuclear threat. The obvious goal of Squad members is to deny Israel the right to defend itself against aggression. At least one of its members has denied that Israel has the right to exist.”

Vermonters for Justice & Peace in Palestine and the Squad are tempests in a cracked teapot. These virtue-signaling, sign-carrying egoists on Church Street are, indeed, the Green Mountain State’s wasted and woke wanna-be allies to the Phonus-Balognus Foursome in Washington D.C..

The author is a Northfield resident.

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  1. These are NOT true Vermonters and I would recognize a real Vermonter. I am an eighth generation Vermont resident. My grandfather fought and paid with his blood to oust a bunch of bullies and I have followed in his footsteps to defend freedom. I have become sick of the outrageous lies told by the ignorant “squad” and will gladly purchase a plane ticket for each of them to leave this great country and go bother someone else. Maybe the Taliban will welcome them home.

  2. Israel occupied Palestine and stole the homes of countless families and individuals. Many Palestinians were murdered.
    Israel invaded and devastated Lebanon.
    In the U.S., rather than encouraging honest dialog, fanatical supporters of Israel physically attacked other Jews who spoke out. I was attacked 4 times.
    The inhabitants of Palestine were people who lived in homes and lived their lives. Then they were invaded. Bullied, beaten, robbed, massacred. They fought back as people often will and should.
    Now the population of Gaza is caught between Israel and the machinations of Hamas, an avowedly fanatic and unyielding entity that is more concerned with violent Jihad than the fate of people.
    Iron Dome is a wasteful system that might not do anything. The money might have been better spent on educating and supporting Palestinians who lost everything.

  3. You’re just parroting Palestine propaganda with lots of insulting lies against Israel, generalizations without any proven basis. And to suggest that the Iron Dome doesn’t work is moronic, as it saves not only Israeli lives but Arabs inside Israel and Gaza. Give the money to the Palestinians? They get multiple millions a year but Hamas keeps most of it. It will be worse for the Palestinians if Israel didn’t have Iron Dome. A LOT WORSE! Funny how the Arabs of the Levant never called themselves Palestinian until 1964. It was the Sabra born Jews who always considered themselves Palestinian.

    • “Arabs of the Levant”? Palestine is a particular region, not “the Levant”.
      That being said, In many regions of the Arab world, Jews were considered fellow Arabs. They were safer from persecution than Christians.
      In some countries, the treatment of Jews varied paradoxically. This appears to be the case in Iran, which is Islamic, not Arab.

    • “Parroting”. I’ve done countless hours of research into this. And you don’t address the question of people expelled from their homes, robbed, murdered.
      Or do you consider that Jews have a right to oppress other people.
      Being Jewish, I don’t. It’ violates my religion and my conscience.

    • Furthermore, it is bigotry such as this which gives organizations such as Hamas credibility.
      Also, the Iron Dome is likely another boondoggle for which the major weapons industry is famous.
      You falsified my statement. I never said to simply “give the Palestinians” money. Israel could create programs, but they are less profitable for corporations.

  4. Further research has shown me that the Iron Dome does, indeed, work. The propaganda stated how few deaths occurred in Israel due to rockets from Gaza. Now I understand that it is because of the Iron Dome. I also learned how extreme are the positions from the left.
    Check out the Rachel Corrie foundation which now seeks annihilation of Israel. Check out the actual video footage of M.s Corrie’s death. It appears that she truly did practically, or actually, throw herself into the scoop of the bulldozer.

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