Fernandez: HAMAS and social media

by Peter Fernandez 

HAMAS is the Arabic acronym for Harakat Muqawama Islamiyya-the Islamic Resistance Movement. It means ‘zeal’ in Arabic and “violence” in Hebrew. In 1988, this terrorist network was founded to spill infidel blood, especially Jewish blood, in order to “Free Palestine from the river to the sea,” since Israel is, according to most pan-Arab-left-wing ideologues, “a colonial imposition upon the Muslim world.”

Here then are two of the primary directives of this terrorist organization that members of our Congress and countless Western college campuses are championing: THE COVENANT OF THE HAMAS – MAIN POINTS (

  • Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.’
  • The land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf [Holy Possession] consecrated for future Moslem generations until Judgment Day. No one can renounce it or any part, or abandon it or any part of it.’ (Article 11)
Pete Fernandez

With their favorite war cry of “Allahu Akbar”, or “God is Great,” resounding repeatedly, the murder of 1400 Israelis and 31 Americans in the October 7 genocide was chronicled online by the proud killers. But such religious-extremist furor against Israel is nothing new, see the Hebron attacks, in 1929: The massacre of Jews in 1929 Hebron is a microcosm of the conflict – Middle East Monitor  

Social media is accelerating the promotion of pro-Hamas propaganda, where active substance abuse, stupidity, and ADHD go to fornicate with ignorance, hate, and antisemitism. The almost erotic excitement of hate flows fluidly through the cute neatly packaged and innocuously marketed Red Chinese TikTok channel. TikTok, according to Business of Apps, “had 1.5 billion active users in 2023 and is expected to reach two billion by the end of 2024.”

Online mob rule is making life obscenely unsafe as many Jewish American homeowners are becoming gun owners. More US Jews buy guns as antisemitism rises after Hamas attacked Israel ( Recently a crowd of Hamas supporters in California was responsible for the death of a Jewish man. 

The American public should know the main difference between Hamas and the PL0 because in 1988 the PLO recognized Israel’s right to exist. Hamas was created to defy this hope of peace. And as murderous as the PLO is, they have been outclassed by the observant religious killers belonging to bloody Hamas.

The PLO, Fatah, and the secular Palestinian Authority are one and the same under the “ineffective” secular leadership of Mahmoud Abbas. And since a two-state solution is considered a religious anathema to Hamas and Hezbollah, Mr. Abbas is in the cross-hairs of professional assassins. The octogenarian Abbas is not unlike a  Roaring 20’s  “Mustache Pete”, or an antiquated Mafia gangster being prepared for a permanent retirement by the more aggressive “young Turk” mobsters.

Again, Hamas is the problem and not Israel, and here’s more proof in the hummus: In March 2006, The London-based newspaper Asharq Al-Awat reported that Gazans felt “miserable and suffocated” under Hamas rule. The United States, European Union, and Canada suspended assistance to the enclave. With the goal of circumventing Hamas, Washington and Brussels eventually were able to, through alternate clandestine channels, deliver aid to needy Gazans.

At the time of the 2021 Gaza war, Matthias Schmale, director of operations in Gaza for the UNRWA, or  the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestinian Refugees, told Israel’s Channel 12 that Israeli army operations during the war were carried with ‘sophistication’ and ‘precision.’” Imagine the surprise of that reporter when the Botswana-born Schmale,  known not to be fond of the Jewish state, also noted also that “during the 11 days of war, we did not run out of…medical supplies, food or water.” He also admitted that UNRWA “cannot work in a place like Gaza without coordinating with the local authorities (Hamas); that’s true for any autocratic regime of this nature.” After learning of his remarks, Hamas designated Schmale as ‘persona non grata.”-Palestine News Network June  5, 20221. The infidel was lucky not to lose his head.

According to Jonathan Schanzer, author of Gaza Conflict 2021, “On June 4, the same agency issued a statement asserting that the Israeli air force had conducted airstrikes on a UNRWA school in Gaza between May 13 and 15. While noting that nobody was killed or injured, the agency admonished Israel for attacking a UN installation.” Later, at the site, UNRWA investigators “discovered the existence of a possible tunnel in the context of the investigation of the fired missile.”

After years of Israel attempting to persuade the UNRWA  of Hamas placing munitions and murderers in schools, mosques, hospitals, and  Red Crescent ambulances, they finally admitted that “one” of their schools was being used  as “a  human shield for Hamas military tunnels.”

According to Schanzer’s book, “In March 2007 alone, there were 46 reported kidnappings of civilians in the Gaza Strip and more than 25 killings.” Hamas now has upwards of 200 non-Arab hostages. This is the same terrorist organization cheered in the streets by multitudes of malevolent minions who belong to too many online Marvel superhero clubs. These high hipsters are all laboring beneath the counterfeit belief that Hamas members are rad, cool, righteous dudes and freedom fighters on the left side of resisting the occupation building bridges of progressive globalism and world peace upon homegrown unicorns. 

And then there are Washington’s misleading political flamethrowers, who betray congressional integrity by instigating anti-Israel hatred including Hamas apologists Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Unfortunately, here in Bernie’s Green, umm, Blue Mountains, The Barre Times, the Burlington Free Press, Vermont Digger, and 7 Days will not print  narratives that contradict their stellar editorial needs. 

The author is a children’s book author and Vermont resident.

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    • That was no debate but more of an intervention for that brainwashed kid. Thanks for sharing and I encourage others to watch as what this man has to say is informative.

    • That poor girl is one of the millions that the nexus of CIA/academia/media are producing. These days, the programming starts in preschool. There is much more to the Israel/Hamas “theater” of war that goes on behind the cameras. We are all being played…propaganda designed to divide/make you choose one side or another, while hiding the puppet masters funding both sides.

      The list of CIA illicit and abusive programs is extensive, with no effective oversight by congress since simply claiming national security is all they need to block declassification.

    • That’s a good one. Sadly it’s pretty typical of the western college students and 20 somethings who are avidly supporting Hamas because it’s trendy and cool and all they know about it is what their leftist woke schools taught them and what they see on Instagram and TikTok. The same group that’s convinced they’re non binary or a different sex or perhaps they’re really a dog. We should have seen this coming.

  1. Well, then there’s also the well-known fact that Hamas is a creation of Israel and Obama too had his fingers in that pie. And there are all kinds of questions about the failure of the IDF to stop the original incursion on October 7, Upwards of 4000 children have been massacred in Gaza and the total death toll is close to ten thousand. Whatever the history of the founding of Israel, and it is a dark one, pushed by the machination of dark Western powers, are you saying you support the annihilation of the Palestinian people? You lose all credibility from that position.

    • Oh Mary. Now tell us how you REALLY feel 🤣. You definitely seem to be a Hamas fan girl. Maybe you should go spend some time in the tunnels with them.

      • VTIndependent, your assumptions and your suggestion discredit you for any intelligent discourse about this situation. If you have something to say, please speak as one human being to another, without name-calling.

  2. It should be noted that Israel helped start Hamas as a religious alternative to the PLO and to function as a charitable service organization. It was rapidly coopted by violent leadership.

    • The Hamas founding charter calls for killing jews. It was always a violent organization. It was not coopted it was always violent and it always had vicious intentions.

  3. What’s with all the ‘Conservatives for Israel’ stuff on this site?

    I’m not going to pick a side, but it’s a bit concerning.

    Mary above, does point out that Hamas is indeed an Israel created entity. Also do people understand that nothing happens in the the Gaza strip or West Bank without Israels say so?….they control the entire infrastructure of that prison….or should I say settlement or reservation or whatever they’re calling it these days. Throw in the fact that the average age in Gaza is around 18 cus all the elders have been killed make me wonder who the bad guys really are.

    For those who really want to go down the rabbit hole research what the official Motto of the Mossad is. Says it all.

    • @ Alex

      Good morning! All the antisemites are showing up! Perhaps read fewer antisemitic conspiracy theory websites. Admit you don’t have a clue. But that you have indeed picked a side clearly.

    • By way of deception. Gee, Alex, that’s what every spy agency in the world lives by. Can you make a point? The Israelis left Gaza in 20 of dismantling more than 20 Jewish settlements, hoping for some peace along the border, but what did they get? A prison? Thee are lots of Moslem-Arab countries who can take them in, but do they?
      You will say nay to the reports of Hamas shooting at Palestinians who are trying to flee, but the facts remain, Hamas and the old school Arafat PLO steals billions, betraying their people:
      Oh, sorry, it’s a Jewish source
      Tell a Repubican the truth and they will thankyou, but tell a Democrat the same, and they will become angry and call you a racist.

  4. It’s sad when I get a letter from Open Society (knowledge is power) and it makes more sense than what I’m seeing here.

    This is not a pick a side situation. That’s what they want you to do. The bottom line is both sides are terrible. Both sides are murdering innocents. Both sides are claiming to murder children in the worst ways possible. Both sides want you to pick a side because they want your money. Both sides hate you and want to use you and throw you away like a used toy.

    Now in my opinion Hamas is much like the Taliban. It was created by the very government/culture that it seeks to overthrow. Whether or not it’s controlled now, who knows, but it sure does tell a lot of the story.

    Another thing that’s sad is that I have so much more to say on this subject, but I don’t feel comfortable saying it. I believe that is the original cancel culture and it’s persisted my entire life.

    • @ Brian

      Actually you do need to pick a side. One side is genocidal maniacs who deliberately attack civilians, rape, murder, torture and take civilian hostages. The other side was forced into this war by the above actions and has steadfastly tried to avoid civilian casualties of their dire enemy while that enemy is using their own people as a shield. Your choice.

      • So you’re calling out the Israelis? How dare you!

        Look all of this is meant to cause division and was done on purpose. You mean to tell me the country with the 4th largest military in the world and the most sophisticated borders and most capable intelligence agency was surprised when 1000 people who live in a prison encampment (surrounded by Israel) who have no army, intelligence agency or resources attack them?

        That’s a knee slapper! Wake up!

  5. allah akbar doesn’t mean “god is great”. It means that “allah is greater”. This is a slogan cooked up to justify murder of anyone not being a slave of the islamic gangsters. islam is NOT a religion, it is a criminal enterprise and anyone supporting it is a minion of evil.

  6. Yes, Brian, it is the international cabal of Jewish mystics, bankers, Rothschilds and pornographers, the Zionist puppetmasters behind yet another, (yawn) gentile conspiracy theory wanker’s wet dream.

    • It would help if you replied in line so we knew what you were referring to…

      Especially since I never said anything about Jewish people just Israel which has inhabitants that are Arab and Jewish as well as other ethnicities .

      So why are you making things up now?

  7. Appears a good many Americans are following the UN, globalist-funded propaganda fueled bouncing ball as designed. Right down to the name calling and self-induced rage. Those not taking the bait are called anti-semites, akin to anti-vaxxers, racists, and climate deniers. Defamation of character reigns supreme in the gool old USA. Meanwhile, in America, the slaughter of innocents (inside and outside the womb) continues with lawfare warfare, the US border is wide open letting in who knows who, and the US economy is cratering into it’s own cellar hole. Infidels or idiots? I choose the latter based on what I see and hear.

  8. Oh, you kids are so mean to each other. Why don’t you just read the article, form your own opinion, and leave your comments in the trash where they belong. Have a nice day.

    • Wow! What an amazingly insightful comment. Since you’re so much older than the rest of us Grampa, why don’t you add wisdom to the conversation, you must have lived through the creation of Israel as a nation state….

  9. Why is this any business of the United States? How would taking sides in the Middle East benefit the average American? There’s going to be some blowback from this, the nature of which is impossible to predict.