FEMA grants $104 mil for VT vax program

Vermont will receive $ 104,438,131 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support the State with emergency protective measures to store, handle, transport, distribute, and administer the COVID-19 vaccine, an April 15 FEMA statement said. These funds are being awarded to support the Vermont Agency of Human Services in order to address this immediate threat to life and public safety.

The grant supported a total of 13 vaccination centers across the state from Jan. 21 to April 21. Along with the emergency protective measures eligible costs included, but are not limited to personal protective equipment, medical and support staff, emergency medical care and supplies, and dissemination of information to the public.

The funding is awarded at 100% federal cost share through FEMA’s Public Assistance Grant Program which reimburses communities for actions taken in the immediate response and recovery activities during a disaster.

As of April 15, FEMA’s PA program has obligated more than $213 million to Vermont for its pandemic response.

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  1. So Vermont is kind of being rewarded for being the first state to administer vaccines based upon race or the race one “identifies” as being (which is, in reality: delusional) which is essentially a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    Congrats, VT – Now let’s see if you can successfully channel some of this funding to BLM or other nefarious & illicit groups; there are numerous.

  2. Exactly Kathy – I suspect the same and more. People waking up yet? This plandemic is reaching it’s end soon enough – invoice reimbursement for sticking to the narrative? What else could you come up with that this funding really isn’t. Think logically and wake up – time to rise to the 5th dimension and leave the 3rd behind – reality! Payback sure profitable for some.

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