Felker calls for ‘positive policing’

Burlington GOP Council candidate says safety escort program adds undue burden on businesses

To the editor:

Burlington is not only our home, but the jewel of commerce, arts, shopping and social engagement for Chittenden County and the state of Vermont. 

Christopher-Aaron Felker

The news that our small business community has initiated a safety escort program to protect Church Street and surrounding area employees is a direct result of our City Council defunding the Burlington Police Department. 

For over 30 years now Church Street Marketplace has been a model for the rest of the state to aspire to and quite frankly recreate. It is truly disheartening to me, and should be to all of us, the city cannot maintain public safety for employees and patrons to work and enjoy without supplementing security by our business community.These job creators are the economic engine for employment, contributing mightily to our general fund revenues as they help maintain our beautiful city. Adding the responsibility of an escort program on top of surviving the pandemic creates an undue burden.

Both my opponents wish to further dismantle the Burlington Police Department, sacrifice public protection and cut cops on the beat. I’ll proudly stand up to exclaim, Enough is Enough! It’s time for responsible leadership. It’s time to keep Burlingtonians and visitors safe. It’s time for a Positive Policing Policy.

Christopher-Aaron Felker


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  1. This proposal is compelling. Come on citizens — bring the vibe back to Berlington..

  2. If Burlington is to survive, the citizens need to start removing the liberals in the
    city council, let’s get GOP Felker on the council.

    Don’t forget Burlington used to be the ” Queen City” it’s now a quagmire of liberal
    nonsense, Hey Home owner’s, how do you like your reappraisals an new tax bill,
    yup liberals in charge !!

  3. EVERY time I see homeowners in Burlington complaining about the rise in crime or taxes in the local FPF (yet another communist rag that limits free speech) – I privately email each & every one to tell them to CHANGE the people & party they are voting for who are the CAUSE of all this.

    I have NEVER once gotten a reply.

    They just don’t get it & can’t: they are democrat-bots. Nothing more. They are brainwashed.

  4. Unfortunately, the bulk of the voter base in Burlington are now renters, students and deadbeats.
    Those who value law and order, free-market capitalism and believe that the incarceration of violent criminals promotes public safety are now outnumbered. Marxism has consequences.

    • Burlington voter base? —– I suspect Candidate Aaron-Felker would see it differently. He speaks of a voter base that deserves to have the city provide a civil enviornment and protect them from predators in their midst…that deserves to make their way in a unobstructed market place rather than be indentured to a nanny state…that deserves to see their housing options bloom from a peal back of the crippling regulatory environment…that deserve to see their taxes used to repair their neighborhood infrastructure.

      • vcurtis…, I largely agree with you. I have a debilitating Invisible Disabilty. It has hampered my life, although I previously lived far from VT. Bureaucracies all too often promote cash cows, rather than addressing real problems. This is becoming worse, not better. Many individuals who’d rather work are caught in the mess of denial.

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