Feds to give parents $250-$300/child every month, beginning July 1

By Guy Page

With Vermont’s unemployment rate below three percent and employers expressing concern about finding workers, new and existing combined state and federal cash benefits total about $52,000/year.

Beginning July 1, the federal government will give every Vermont household earning less than $150,000 between $250 and $300 per child per month. 

According to an explanation of the new benefit provided by Rep. Dave Yacovone (D-Morristown) in the May 20 News and Citizen, the benefit will not be counted as income. It will not reduce other federal food and childcare subsidies. 

The new federal program provides $300 per child under age six, and $250 for children ages 6-18. According to U.S. Census figures, there are 85,412 children ages 6-18, and 29,327 six and under. The average Vermont household has 1.7 children, according to an Insider report. The program will add about $30 million federal dollars monthly into Vermont homes and the Vermont economy. 

The new federal child tax credit will last for at least a year. Congress will then determine whether to extend it.

The benefit will go to all households with children – including those with adults who are already receiving the Vermont unemployment insurance benefit (maximum of $533/week at present) and the federal uninsurance benefit ($300, due to expire Sept. 1). “The individuals [receiving the new credit] would remain eligible for unemployment insurance regardless of whether they receive the tax credit,” Jason Maulacci, press secretary for Gov. Phil Scott, told Vermont Daily today.  “And the UI benefits will not be adjusted due to receiving the federal tax credit.”

Also, the State of Vermont provides a separate, $50/month child credit, Yacavone said. Taken together these monthly cash benefits total as much as an estimated $1000/week, or $52,000/year:

  • $533 top payout for state unemployment – per person
  • $300 federal unemployment – per person
  • $160 (estimated avg. weekly amount per household for combined federal/state child credit)

Both Yacovone and the Scott administration note employers’ concern about finding workers due to the ongoing unemployment payments.

“Some employers are angry because they believe the unemployed have no incentive to go to work, given the federal $300 weekly  benefit on top of their regular unemployment,” Yacovone said. On the other hand, Yacovone said, many unemployed people  believe wages are too low, and that childcare is difficult to find and expensive. Service industry workers remain concerned about catching Covid, he said. 

“Employers have been struggling to find workers and we know there are thousands of jobs available across the state, offering very competitive wages,” Labor Commissioner Michael Harrington said in April, after the work-search requirement was reinstituted. “With over 20,000 individuals collecting regular unemployment, we are hopeful that reinstating the work search will encourage claimants to take advantage of the job opportunities available in Vermont.”

Vermont’s April 2021 unemployment rate was 2.9%, compared to 6.1% nationwide.

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  1. When Do those of us on a very limited income IE:Social IN- SECURITY get a piece of the PIE.? We have worked for 40 or more years and paid taxes to the ROYALTY IN MONTPECULIAR We’d like to enjoy some of the desert too!!!

    • This particular payment or benefit is a Federal Grant and not considered taxable income, as I understand. But you are right about being left out of the largesse. Figure this, elderly votes are not important. Young families with kids are the target to harvest votes to maintain power for the Democratic steam roller!

  2. Hopefully parents that qualify use this handout to pull their kids from govt school go private ha

    • I like that idea re: schools! This is meant to be nothing short of buying democrats into office for eternity.

      And as far as the older folks among us who get social security – don’t hold your breath…..they no longer want or need us, they tried to kill off as many as they could with Covid (there’s NO “treatments” available…put them back into nursing homes to infect the rest, etc.)

      DemocRATS loathe older citizens; we are nothing but a drain on the system for them & we also vividly recall America’s glory days. The faster we bail, the better for them.

    • There is no such thing as a “government handout” only taking through taxation from one to redistribute to others. In other words, stealing from Peter to pay Paul. If you happen to be Paul, you probably can find some way to justify this “redistribution” of wealth. If you’re Peter…….

  3. Where’s the benefit to those of us that did not have children because of a belief that if you have children, you should be able to food, clothe, and educate your offspring without the need to be a drain on “social” assistance ? All we realize from government assistance is the knowledge that our contribution through taxes help to educate the children of those who did not consider the cost to others of their little tax deductions. You’re welcome !

  4. Hmm… with that incentive to remain on unemployment how is it the rate is 2.9%? Oh yes going back to a previously required documented job search coming back those creative job seekers never intending to get hired will have a little extra work now. The extra funds should make it worth it one would think – it’s a bear for employers to advertise, interview and begin training a person only to have them drop out of sight after a few shifts. Just another burden on employers – oh well.

    AND since we all help fund education through our property tax there should be a whole lot more people jumping on board helping to investigate how those funds are spent and on what curriculums. Amazing with all the objections to school budgets they even pass! Ballot item!!

  5. It’s designed to further cripple the middle-class, the hardworking Americans and the small-town businesses. It’s part of the “gravy train” for people to continue to be sloths in society, waiting for the next hand-out from “Big Daddy Government” and to “buy” their votes. “Big Daddy Government” wants to own them, and will pretend to provide for them with our taxpayer money.

    All part of the plan, the Marxist Plan, to further erode the American Dream, the hardworking Patriot Americans, and the American Family.

    Remember too, all the illegal alien children that are flooding across our borders, being bussed and flown into many states, including Vermont; as the great commie governor stated he wants even more illegal aliens in Vermont. The monthly $250 and/or $300 per child, per month will compel people into taking the illegal alien children into their homes for MONEY.

    The illegal D.C. administration is pure evil.

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