Feds release low-risk, homeless sex offender

Michael Beaudoin

A homeless sex offender categorized as a low risk for recidivism has been released from federal custody and will be living in the Burlington area, Burlington police said yesterday.

A BPD statement said that on November 9, Michael Beaudoin, 38, was released from federal custody and is being supervised by Burlington Probation & Parole.

Beaudoin was convicted in 2011 of sexual assault of a minor under the  age of 16 and then he was convicted in 2014 for possession of child pornography. At this time, Mr. Beaudoin will be registered as homeless with the Vermont Sex Offender Registry (SOR). This “homeless” status  requires that offenders call in daily to the Vermont SOR to update them on their current location.  

Officials with the Vermont Department of Corrections indicate, compared to other incarcerated offenders, Mr. Beaudoin’s risk of sexual recidivism is in the low risk category. Based on his history, if he were to  sexually re-offend, his victim(s) would likely be minor females that are known to him.  

Beaudoin is 5’ 8” and weighs 235 lbs., BPD said. 

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  1. Here’s one- There’s a registered sex offender from out of state living in Essex Jct. Was convicted of “Interstate Travel to engage in sex w/Minor” while teaching at a public HS in Yuma AZ in 2017 resulting from a relationship with a student. I believe this man is now “married” to the victim of the case and has her living in a SHED (2000 miles from her hometown). If that is not the definition of a “GROOMER” I don’t know what is. Google it.

  2. And what was the treatment Mr.Michael Beaudoin received that made sure he would not renew his sexual endeavors ?? that would be nothing. His he being housed next to any children !! Taxpayers your tax dollars at work !! You’ll be reading about him down the road……………………………………………………..