Feared school shooter shows ‘run, hide, fight’ student response protocol

A possible school shooter situation occurred at Vermont Technical College June 28. The school’s June 29 statement shows a robust emergency notification system as well as ‘run, hide, fight’ protocols for dealing with armed intruders.

“Our Randolph Center campus was on lock down at approximately 3 pm, June 28. The Orange County Sherriff’s office requested us to lock all doors immediately because a male was seen near campus with a gun. This individual is a nearby resident (not a VTC student) who allegedly threatened a resident in his home and left with a gun and a sword. Our Public Safety officers immediately complied with the lock down and Sherriff’s and State Police officers were on campus attempting to locate the man.”

“Entrances to campus and parts of Randolph Center were blocked from access. The individual was seen on campus by several officers and was apprehended on campus by law enforcement by approximately 4:45 pm. This was not a drill and emphasizes the importance of our emergency notification system [via text, phone, email].

“We also remind you of “run, hide, fight” protocols for these lock downs.

  • Run to safety when there is an active threat. When safe, call 911 or public safety.
  • Hide if escape is not possible. Block the door, avoid windows, silence your cell phone.
  • Fight only as a last resort and if your life is in danger. Locate whatever is near for a weapon.”

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