Fear elected Trump and Biden

by Tom Evslin

We vote our fears more than our dreams. The margin to elect Donald Trump in 2016 came from voters afraid of immigration, immigrants, and crime.

Tom Evslin

Biden’s election would have been resounding if it were not for the fears raised in both Black and White voters by calls for banning the police and leaving people exposed to crime. The relative trouncing of the Democrats in House elections owes a lot to fear of mayhem. On the other hand, fear of what Trump might do after his dangerous and disgraceful refusal to accept the election results cost Republicans the two runoff elections in Georgia which determined control of the Senate.

Newsom probably would have avoided recall in heavily Democratic California; but polls at first showed the race surprisingly close, possibly because of the blatant hypocrisy of his unmasked dinner with lobbyists in an expensive restaurant after he’d banned such gatherings for others. Polls show voters in California alarmed by rising crime rates and homeless sprawl. IMO the race turned quickly when Larry Elder, the Republican who likely would have replaced Newsom, said his first action in office would be to repeal Newsom’s mask and vaccine mandates. People are really afraid of the virus! There was also partisan flood of money into the state, much of attracted by Newsom’s wise decision to run against Trump rather than Elder.

I‘m for vaccination mandates; I don’t think we’ve gone far enough yet. But it is frightening how quickly we are willing to give up civil liberties, especially other people’s civil liberties, when we are afraid. Unless something new shows up to frighten us, the two parties will present these frightening views of each other in 2022 mid-term elections:

Democrats are in favor of eliminating police protection and coddling criminals, illegal immigrants, and rioters of the left-wing variety.

Republicans are in favor of letting people die of COVID, insurrection, and protecting rioters of the right-wing variety.

It won’t be pretty. Especially since neither description is entirely inaccurate.

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  1. Tom WAS on my FB friends list for quite some time and with this revelation , I will show nothing to him on my feed.

    It wasn’t FEAR , Tom , that lead us to vote for Donald Trump. It WAS the fact that voting for Joe would give us : Obama-Hillary part deux. It would give us a man who is in absentia . Dementia , if you will. You cannot escape that logical conclusion UNLESS you somehow suffer from what Joe is suffering from.

    Now, look what we have.

    No thanks , Mr Evslin

  2. Those who have the most to lose are grasping at a falling knife. The long standing game of pitting humanity against one another has come to the end game in life as we knew it. They know it. Some of us know it. We are in the good vs evil main event. Choose a side and pick a lane. Get your house in order and pray, pray, pray.

  3. “Psychological Projection is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal, or object. The term is most commonly used to describe defensive projection—attributing one’s own unacceptable urges to another. A harmful consequence of continual projection is when the trait becomes incorporated into one’s identity.”

  4. Mr. Evslin, it is a great relief to find someone else who doesn’t merely polarize issues.
    As an old radical. I’ve been called “antisemitic” by fanatic supporters of Israeli policies. I’ve been excoriated by people who blame “the Jews” for all of humankinds ills, an obvious absurdity.
    I want to point out that in sober fact, the Right has done little or no rioting. In reality, the Left is less somewhat less obvious in its tactics. Our country is on the verge of a Civil War.
    The looting drove millions, particularly Black people, to vote for Trump. He lost by a small margin, despite statements to the contrary. Less than 5%.
    Giving non-citizens the vote may not work out as its sincere supporters expect. At this juncture, I oppose it.

  5. Mr Evslin: Your reading of the tea leaves is incorrect. Up until now, I had always thought you were shooting at the down range targets very accurately. But as your writing sizes up the Trump voters, a huge mis-fire has happened. You are off base, totally in this one.

  6. You need to do some more research Mr, Evslin.

    You’ll have to go off of the mainstream path of lies and deceptions you are getting from the government, most politicians and the mainstream media if you want to find facts and reality.
    Those who want to see the true numbers and all that took place last November can find the information if they choose. If they do they’ll SEE AND KNOW that Trump did win the Election.
    Biden is illegitimate and he knows it.

    Whether you like either of their personalities or not, their actions speak to their true beliefs.
    Biden hates AMERICA and it’s obvious to see ALL he is doing to destroy our Country. He has clearly shown he does not care about the lives and/or individual liberties of those he is supposed to serve. Just look at the way he flagrantly destroyed and disregarded so many human lives including military personnel, in his choices to leave Afghanistan. Let’s look at this Covid Shot Mess he is trying to sell to everyone. Critical thinking people aren’t buying it.

    Biden is a 50 year non-thinking, useless Politician. He is power-hungry and thinks he is a king. He has never had to earn a paycheck. He has no idea what freedom is. He is sold out to whatever feeds his personal wallet and ego. He has sucked a Government paycheck his whole life and other monies wherever he can get them. What has he really contributed that’s positive in his lifetime?

    I think the people who did vote for Biden had Trump Derangement Syndrome and/or they are jealous of his success. If you understand the privilege and you are grateful to live in the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, you couldn’t help but see that Trump loves our Country and he loves the People of America. His actions showed us that.

    Fear may have been an issue in the election, but not the way you think Mr. Evslin. There’s a BIG DIFFERENCE between Fearing GOD and fighting for what is RIGHT for humankind verses fearing men and cowing to tyranny. Which one are you?

      • Trump was NOT perfect, just like the rest of us humans. We don’t need a savior as president, but we DO NEED someone who Believes in our Constitutional Republic form of Government.
        Trump inherited Obama’s eight year, abominable, mess of trying to destroy our Country.

        All US Presidents do Swear to Uphold and Defend the United States Constitution. Did Biden purposefully lie when he took his Oath? He has already done many impeachable, treasonous acts. He clearly reveals his tyrannical, cowardly nature, his hate for our Country and People and the usurpation of our Laws and the Constitution. In some cases he is flagrantly aiding our enemies.

        Do these acts make Biden an insurrectionist and a traitor? I vote YES!

      • A religion is a set of Beliefs. Everyone has a religion. Everyone has faith in something.
        Everyone has a Worldview.

        All of the United States Founding Documents are based on the Biblical Principles of the Christian Faith.

  7. This man is an idiot, plain and simple. He worked for Jim Douglas. I hope Jim saw what we are seeing now from this guy. He should stop writing and take up knitting or some other indoor harmless hobby.

  8. I would not be surprised to read such trash on VT Digger, 7 Days, etc,, but I’m amazed that this Evslin fool would spout this senseless leftists propaganda here.

  9. Dear phantomroseexpress,

    Some things are easily proven to be True even if you choose not to Believe them. Distorting facts and trying to erase or rewrite history using “woke terminology” won’t change facts and /or history. You are hindering yourself. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

      • Dear phantomroseexpress,

        Do you know how valuable You are?
        Do You know You were fearfully and wonderfully created in the Image of GOD?

      • I don’t know what you believe, ‘phantom….’ and I certainly don’t expect you, or anyone else for that matter, to ‘believe’ as I do. I just asked you a question. And it had nothing to do with the Bill of Rights, except that we all have the right to ask questions AND believe what we do.

        Apparently, you don’t understand that your demand of VTbeliever, to “Prove the veracity of a single biblical miracle”, is an example of what is commonly called a logical fallacy, a ‘fallacy ad ignorantiam’, or an appeal to ignorance. It occurs when someone argues that something must be either true or false because it hasn’t been proven to be one way or the other. In other words, a particular belief is said to be true because you do not know that it is not true. The issue typically has to do with something that is either incapable of being proven true or false, or has not yet been proven true or false.

        Again, it has nothing to do with the Bill of Rights. Hope this helps.

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