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Farm animals suffer barn fires, neglect

20 animals, including chickens, lambs, horses, and cows were killed in a fire at a barn at Alburgh on Tuesday, authorities say. 

Owner Kerry Juaire first noticed the fire at around 11:45 p.m. Strong winds caused problems for responding firefighters. Alburgh Assistant Fire Chief Joseph Deyo expressed his inability to put the fire out given the high intensity.

Smoking remnants of the fire fell on a nearby mobile home, authorities say. A work truck at the location was also destroyed.

Juaire told local reporters she was devastated but was happy that three horses escaped death as they were out grazing nearby. 

She advised others to ensure their barns were safe before turning to bed. Source: Newport Dispatch. 

Neglected animals discovered – An officer from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office reported they encountered a stray horse on January 15, which they say led to the discovery of 28 neglected animals in a farmhouse on Dunsmore Road in Saint Albans. 

Seven horses and 21 sheep were found in disturbing conditions in the farmhouse without proper food or water supply. Police say a horse was injured with a deep cut in its leg. 

Reports show that at least 30 previous complaints have been filed in Dunsmore regarding stray animals in the past eight years. 

While the owner may get charged for the neglect, investigators say the owner is not physically fit to care for the animals, and have not said if he will face charges or not. As a result, an Age Well agent has been appointed to ascertain the owner’s needs, given his aging conditions. Source: Newport Dispatch. 

Stowe farm loses 100 cows in fire – A Stowe farm in operation since 1930 lost 100 cattle in a barn fire Wednesday night, WCAX reports. The fire at the Percy Family Farm began at 11:30 pm. The main barn was totally destroyed, but a separate, smaller barn containing calves was saved.

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