Family shooting suspect turns himself in

Bonide Wilondja Badibanga

A Burlington man police allege attempted to shoot and kill a family member on New Year’s Eve has turned himself into police.

Bonide Wilondja Badibanga is accused of shooting and injuring a family member at about 11:15 p.m. on Friday at a home on St. Louis Street. Police say he discharged the firearm multiple times inside the home.

The family member’s injuries were not life-threatening.

Police say Badibanga’s brother found the gun in the bathroom and brought it downstairs to ask why it was in the home. A fight broke out and he allegedly fired the weapon several times, striking the man in the forearm.

Republished from Newport Dispatch

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  1. A “social worker” or an unarmed Burlington park patrol officer could have resolved this little family disagreement handily.

  2. Well, if you want to have whores and street drug dispensaries legally in Burlington, don’t be surprised in a little gun-play now and then…It’s a world of the Democrat voters own making.

  3. Don’t go to Burlington. Its a dangerous, woketopia pit. This is what happens when a bunch of out of state/town, indoctrinated uvm kids get to vote. Now they want homeless pods! As a contractor, i have recently refused dozens of jobs in Burlington. Potential clients are frustrated but sympathetic of my concerns for my own safety and that of my equipment. Nice job Weinburger/city counselors.

    • Absolutely spot on! Citizens of Vermont need to stop patronizing the city. Unfortunately, unsuspecting out of towner’s will learn the hard way when visiting. There’s no way I visit/patronize Burlington until they’re able to restore law and order which, regrettably, probably doesn’t happen for years (as it sinks further into oblivion).. A city of high ideals but zero principles.

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