Facebook censors VT fuel dealer post about Climate Council

By Judy Taranovich

Like many business owners I have increasingly relied upon social media to communicate with my customers. I provide my customers and contacts with an informative newsletter and was able to use Facebook to communicate important, timely messages that supplemented the newsletter.

Facebook rejected this post by Proctor Gas about the Vermont Climate Council

That is, until Facebook censored my business account, without good reason.

I am in the home heating business.  My newsletter and social media posts include important information for my customers about economic factors and state polices that impact my customers’ fuel supply and costs.  They appreciate I have informed them about proposed or approved legislation that impacts their family budgets.

As a leader in the industry, I am aware of the legislative proposals or study results when they are made available. The Vermont media is not covering key issues like this of importance to Vermonters in ways they did in the past.  My social media communications on these key issues were partly filling that gap until the tech media denied me that opportunity. 

It is clear to me that anticipated energy policy changes will increase fuel costs.  These changes will weigh most heavily on working people, and likely benefit those who can afford to invest in alternative energy.  My communications through social media were made in a professional manner, based on facts from the studies and testimony.  Interestingly, it does not appear that Facebook and other social media are censoring the posts of lawmakers and special interest groups that are promoting these policies which will increase the cost of heat and energy for working Vermonters.

My conclusion is that the elite class, through social media, is controlling speech through these mechanisms and denying us the opportunity to understand both sides of a policy debate.  If such censorship has reached down to the social media account of a small company in rural Vermont that’s an illustration of how pervasive this censorship has become.

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  1. The cure to this nonsense is simple. Censor Facebook. Stop using the platform. There are alternatives. Use them.

    • The cure is to go to the polls EN MASSE, in November 2022, to vote out those legislators, who have been in cahoots with self-serving, subsidy-grabbing RE companies for decades.

      Keep an eye on the election COUNTING centers run and staffed by Dem/Progs.

      All sorts of shenanigans will be taking place to perpetuate their power, by screwing people out of their votes

      There are pots of money.
      All the RE subsidy-sucking vultures want to have a piece of the action.

      This has nothing to do with global warming, because Vermont is just a dot at the end of a sentence

  2. Welcome to the PC liberal-elitist hit list. If you do not support their fascist-oozy-green climate narrative, you are a fish-faced enemy of the people to these pompous Marxist minions. For decades I contributed op-eds and letters regarding the Israel/Palestine Conflict for the Burlington Free Press and the Barre Times Argus until 2016 when their newly hired left-wing (objective/open-minded) editors blacklisted me. My mistake was to question Palestine’s corrupt leaders and refer to Hamas as a terrorist group. Inconvenient facts frighten these little people.

  3. So you now stand convicted by the social media God’s of Wrong Think Judy. Which means you’re now an outcast from society…The horror…The horror…How will we outcasts ever survive….Pretty darn fine, I think.

  4. Certainly not unexpected. The algorithms were tested and improved upon during the Covid Panic-
    and even currently the biden administration is clamoring for more censorship.
    The Vermont legislature may well be the test case for pulling off yet another big lie. The legislature primed with hubris, seeks to push Vermont back into the 19th century, in energy use.
    California likewise, has been manipulated for decades- but the need to grow food outweighs the need for Total control of the energy economy there.
    The continuing demographic change here in the Green Mountains will exacerbate the economic disaster that is unfolding now.

  5. Judy thank you for sharing your experience with FakeBook so people can understand how bad this is. Don’t get discouraged. You are a hero.

  6. What is it going to take to wake people up in this country. We are headed down some dark paths, with censorship being one. I keep hoping citizens will wake up, but I keep being disappointed.

  7. Social media is the de facto propaganda arm of a government that wants to control all aspects of your life. In concert with the legacy media and a captured government, discussion and debate concerning any topic must now be silenced if it does not fall in line with the promulgated narratives, most of which are not based on any thing other than absolute desire to control everyone. This is what fascist regimes do. Stand up for your first amendment rights. Divorce yourself from the media outlets which censor debate, discussion, and non-promulgated narrative points of view.

  8. I’ll leave this here as well because it can’t be stated enough what the VCC and dishonest grifters of the GWSA are doing to Vermont. In this case, with the help of Jane Lazorchak, Kiah Morris orchestrated a scheme to bilk the state for $25,000 via contract through the Agency of Natural Resources.

    Kiah was co-chair on a GWSA subcommittee then quit to apply for the contract to run meetings for the GWSA. These meetings showed Kiah’s racist bent. She banned white people from watching and participating even though a black farmer voiced his objections. There will be so much more of this behavior.

    You can see for yourself how Kiah Morris bilked the state:

    • No pretense. It’s a matter of individual choice. Facebook will be ‘relevant’ as long as people continue to use it. The choice is ours. Not only in who we chose to listen to, but with Facebook, in who we’re allowed to listen to. In Facebook, the absence of evidence IS evidence. Caveat emptor.

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