Eye gouger gets 7-15 years in prison

By Guy Page

A Canaan, Vermont man has pleaded guilty in Essex County Superior Court to seven charges of assaulting a woman, including trying to gouge out her eyes, in return for a 7-15 year sentence, the Caledonian-Record newspaper reported today.

Scott Barr, 32, also will have a list of probation conditions and must pay $1,029 in court charges. All but seven years of the plea-agreement sentence are suspended. 

According to police reports referenced by the newspaper, Barr and the victim were arguing after midnight in August, 2021 when he tried to strangle her, covered her mouth so that she couldn’t breathe, and then reached his fingers into her eye sockets, behind her eyes, seeking to pull them out. The victim’s eyes were swollen shut and gushing blood, family members reported. 

Despite having been ordered to not have contact with the victim, Barr was overhead speaking with her on the phone from prison, trying to manipulate her, police reports said. 

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  1. And this is precisely why the “Right to Carry” is imperative.

  2. It’s a good example of why we need to reinstitute hard prison labor. This guy should get 20 years hard labor on a chain gang, no tv, no gym, no cigarettes.