Ex-Burlington man gets 20-years-to-life for raping Good Samaritan in Williamstown

By Mike Donoghue, Vermont News First 

A former Burlington man has been sentenced to 20 years to life for sexual assault in connection with a brutal attack, strangulation and rape of a good Samaritan outside a Williamstown bar two years ago.

Samaan Adenti, 23, also received a concurrent 19-to-20-year prison term for assault and robbery with injury for stealing items from the victim, including credit cards that were later used in New Hampshire for shopping sprees, court records show.

Adenti also is due to be extradited to Glens Falls, N.Y.  on a warrant issued in Warren County, N.Y. where he is wanted in another sexual assault charge involving an elderly woman, officials said.  New York officials have requested that Adenti be transferred once Vermont authorities are done with him.

A Central Vermont woman explained at the historic courthouse in Chelsea on Wednesday about the serious impact the attack, her injuries and subsequent issues have had on her, her family and the community.  The woman was sexually assaulted after she offered to help the man, who claimed his 2014 black Chrysler needed a jump start while parked outside The Pub on Main Street about 12:30 a.m. Aug. 16, 2021, Vermont State Police said.

State Police Detective Sgt. Isaac Merriam said the woman reported she agreed to assist the man with his four-door silver sedan when it didn’t start.  Adenti had been inside the bar and talked with a couple of people, who were able to help provide a description of the suspect.  She said she was putting her jumper cables back in her car when the man pushed her into her back seat and sexually assaulted her, Merriam said in court papers.

She was able to kick him off her, but he grabbed her again and tackled her on the sidewalk as he continued to call her an expletive, the detective wrote.  She arrived back home with no pants on.  Williamstown Ambulance took her to Central Vermont Medical Center, where Merriam took pictures of the victim’s injuries, including her bruised, bloody and swollen face.

Interim Orange County State’s Attorney Colin Seaman argued for a minimum prison sentence of 25 years.  He noted the viciousness of the attack and presented the court with 8 photographs from the hospital showing various injuries to all parts of the victim’s body, including her head from the beatings. 

Defense lawyer Christopher Moll argued for 3 years in prison for Adenti, who has been jailed in Vermont since his arraignment in December 2021.

Retired Vermont Superior Court Judge Michael S. Kupersmith, who presided at the sentencing on Wednesday, said Adenti needed a lengthy prison sentence in order to protect the public.   Adenti will need to register as a sex offender and the judge also assessed $294 in court surcharges.

Adenti used bank and credit cards belonging to the victim in Claremont, N.H. and Newport, N.H., where local police were alerted by Vermont State Police that the cards were being used.  Plymouth, N.H. Police subsequently arrested him on charges of fraudulent credit card activity on Aug. 18, 2021, Merriam said. Plymouth Police got a court-order from a judge requiring Adenti to provide DNA samples for Vermont State Police. 

The day before his arrest, Adenti is believed to have approached a woman at her Randolph home on a dead-end road and said he was new to the area and wanted to meet people, Merriam said.  The man asked if her dog was friendly and when she said “no,” he fled in his car, which had no license plate.  The man was in the same car that was described as being involved in the sexual assault at the Williamstown bar, police said.

The car had significant front-end damage and that appeared to correspond to a hit-and-run crash in Shelburne on Aug. 13, 2021, Merriam said.  Shelburne Officer Brian Fox reported Adenti had rear-ended another car and was later stopped by Sgt. Josh Fiore, police said.  The Adenti car was filled with clothes when stopped.   

Adenti was originally from Burlington, but moved to Nebraska and had been attending a Community College.  He had stopped his education to return to Vermont to visit relatives in Burlington, including an aunt, records indicate. 

Vermont Probation Officer Edward Adams, who wrote a pre-sentence investigation report, noted Adenti had been moving around in the year before the sexual assault.  One address was 220 Riverside Avenue, according to court records.

The case has been very trying for the victim and seriously impacted all people involved, according to Seaman, who took over the prosecution when former State’s Attorney Dickson Corbett was named a Vermont judge.

Seaman credited the work of Merriam and other members of the Vermont State Police for tracking down every lead.

A version of this story first appeared in the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus newspaper

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  1. An ex “burlington ” man ?? Why not call him a Vermonter like every body else that has taken a bath or eaten a few meals here ?

    • Agreed. I’ve lived here for nearly 25 years now….served on town commissions, volunteered, given to charities, voted and pledged my allegiance to the US and to the State of VT and her Constitution, paid my taxes, and abided by the law. —– as do the majority of natives & transplanted honorable Vermonters/Americans here.

      But my existence here doesn’t matter a damn to this state, as I am the “wrong” color, have faith in God, am a Constitutionalist, and haven’t committed a plethora of crimes because I proclaim some victimhood.

      Illegal aliens who do not have any rights, under federal law, to even be on U.S. soil are now considered “Vermonters” because they crossed a border in VIOLATION of US law. It’s sickening – the vapid, dangerous lunacy of this “one world order” that the left is embracing & forcing upon us all.

      • Wow, that’s quite a rant. You have convinced yourself that your existence doesn’t matter , and that that is everyone else’s fault. I hope you get better.

      • I keep saying the same thing: If the “Right” wants the “Woke Left” out of office, then put up some decent Republican candidates who Libs like me might be convinced to vote for!

      • JayDee, If you are a lib that makes you incapable of seeing the damage your clan has brought to VT and the nation. Perhaps your filter for quality republican candidates is tainted. If you can’t see the destruction of this state by liberals, you most surely wouldn’t recognize a good republican candidate because he or she would be 100% opposed to the liberal mantra we are experiencing now.

  2. And likely no other “news” account will dare show his photograph. These events and the “lengthy criminal histories” that almost always accompany these violent offenders, for the VT legislature, is simply termed “diversity”. Any Vermonter harmed, maimed, or murdered as a result of this forced “diversity” is par for the course. Arm yourself as is your right under the US and VT Constitution.

  3. The Orange County VT State’s Attorney’s office apparently knows how to handle vile, vicious predators such as this, and stands in glaring contrast to some other Vermont jurisdictions. Still a bit leery of the idea of meting out a “concurrent sentence”, but 20 years is a far cry better than what he would have gotten in Chittenden County.
    Best wishes to the good Samaritan victim whose life has been forever altered because of her concern for a fellow human who likely faked his car troubles simply to satisfy his animal urges. Hopefully his subsequent legal entaglements in New York will add significantly to his total prison time and no more victims will have to endure his predations.

    • Good points as always, but these psychopathic monsters aren’t even satisfying “animal urges” when they sexually assault women – they are severely mentally unstable individuals who seek to intentionally exert power, control, and violence against those they consider weaker or “lesser” than them and to do so in the most humiliating, degrading manner. Sexual assault is not about sexual desire – it is a sadistic crime using a sex act to inflict punishment and domination. This is precisely why rapists often also beat their victims mercilessly, torture them throughout the ordeal or thereafter, and why some assault older women in their 60s and far beyond.

      It is a crime of sheer hate and the darkest of evils; a crime against all of humanity, with the exception of Sarah George believing so. For her, it’s likely just more justifiable reparations.

  4. How many more did he assault or kill while driving around the country? Bring back the death penalty!

  5. It’s too bad that the “right” person didn’t stumble upon that scene. It could have been dealt with quickly and efficiently. Ladies, please just keep moving when approached like the victim was. Cell phones and tow trucks are available to everyone, late night, alcohol and strange men are a huge risk… don’t take it. He should have just gotten two bullets…one to stop and one to finish.

  6. Biden: “Domestic Terrorism Rooted In White Supremacy Is The Greatest Threat To Our Homeland Today”

    Is anyone demanding if Phil Scott is still proud of helping put Biden in office? Vermont politicians legislating by “feelings” have become a national laughing stock.

    • And a danger to the citizens here. Transient, mobile thugs, drug dealers, rapists and killers all roaming around our state and every state because the criminal justice system, elections and immigration are all corrupt and broken. Teach your daughters how to defend themselves. This won’t be the last of the attacks in Vermont. If it doesn’t get fixed, the only answer will be street justice like the song, Try that in a small town. Here the Lyrics:

    • This one was probably brought here as a “refugee” like most of Vermont’s rapists and murderers are. Are those Africans also entitled to reparations?

  7. How many more are there just like him waiting to prey on someone else? We need to stop watering down our culture with those who would kill or maim us in an attack when we least expect it. The diversity of people from other cultures, those here illegally most be stopped. Having our governor fill Vermont with 3rd world, illegal aliens is another reason why he and his administration are ruining Vermont.

    Europe has been destroyed by their open borders. Does anyone in the Vermont government read the news of how city after city has seen increased crime, rapes and murders and not with guns, with knives and machetes. America is diluting itself into just another 3rd world country.

    Notice how none of them offer rooms in their beautiful home to the masses flooding our country. Williamstown, Vermont, a nice rural community harmed by a savage unable to control himself and almost killed this young lady. How many more daughters will have to be harmed, raped or murdered in Vermont before the virtuous moon bats get it. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is the reason for the insanity and harm we see. Savages need to be locked up, immigration needs to be orderly and legal. Anyone who denies this is the responsible for the next attack. Thank God for the detective who tracked this monster down.

    • These repugnant lunatics in office here in VT will NEVER “get it”. They firmly believe eradicating American & Vermont culture is “diversifying”. Their entire goal is to create these third-world conditions in order to eventually take the shattered, scattered pieces of a once Constitutional Republic and totally transform it into the Communist dystopia they dream of. They are each traitors to the Republic, as defined in the US Constitution, and the lawful penalty (Code 2381) for being such is typically death. Meanwhile, they all continue to run free in this nation destroying it from within under the direction of their dear leader Barack Obama, given son of Saul Alinsky. Legislators: You are TRAITORS!

  8. He was a good boy, a very good boy. The racist Vermont Chronicle couldn’t even dig up his high school yearbook picture.

  9. Offering a jump start is such a Vermont thing to do and sadly that feeling of helping someone has also been taken from us. The new Vermont isn’t safe. I’m wondering if Stephanie Siguino can do one of her fantastic studies about the racial makeup of violent crime in the state for the last ten years? Stephanie, you out there? She’s devoted herself to destroying policing and schooling in Vermont all in the name of diversity, white-supremacy culture, racism, etc etc….Since we look on everything now based on someone’s skin color, someone please gather these numbers. We can start with the gunfire incidents in Burlington. Then we’ll have the local news outlets report on it so everyone can know. When we know what race commits the most violent crimes we can start pointing at them as the problem and work to fix their culture.

    And “JAYDEE”..what exactly is the criteria for a good candidate? Are you suggesting that’s what the left has put in Montpelier? I don’t think the problem is with the candidates.

  10. If anyone were to look at a friend of mine, they would assume he was black, and he is. In his 70s now, he’s lived in Vermont the majority of his life. He doesn’t feel at ease when he goes down street, though he has served his community for about half his life in a number of different areas.
    In reading many of the comments, it’s easy to understand his uneasiness. In looking at his skin color, you can’t know his character.

    BTW: There have been a few who have brought up accountability via capital punishment. As a civilized society, we claim to have evolved from that form of accountability. In some societies if you steal you get your hand cut off. It certainly sends a message to those within the community of your character. The movie, ‘The Green Mile’, may have tainted the need for capital punishment.

    • I don’t believe that Vermonters are majority racists. When savages strike it doesn’t matter what color they are and they come in all colors. It has been stated the population of colored people is 13% but they commit 72% of the crimes. Now if this is true, we have a reason to be apprehensive. The young lady who was the victim could have been attack by a white savage but she wasn’t. It’s a good idea for all young ladies to keep there distance from any strangers hanging around a bar after closing, especially when alone. It’s a good idea to know who or what you are dealing with before you regret your choice. Teach your daughters how to defend themselves and give them tool to help get them out of trouble. This guy had a history that should have put him in prison but he was left to prey on others. Your friend had nothing to do with this and is probably a fine man. That doesn’t change the fact that predators are lurking out there because of the failures of the criminal court system.

      • …If ONLY he was participating in the new “restorative justice” program in VT for dudes who brutally beat the hell out of their partners & guys who engage in rape.

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