Evslin: World reacts to possible UFOs

by Tom Evslin
Actual story in The Wall Street Journal:

Tom Evslin

“UFO Report Says ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ Defy Worldly Explanation . Propulsion and technology in some cases exceed present-day scientific knowledge, U.S. officials say”

Anticipated world reaction:

Fox News: This is the entirely forseeable result of the welcome mat Biden has extended to aliens.

CNN: Another toxic legacy of the Trump administration’s ant-science policy surfaces to challenge the new administration.

@realdonaldtrump (if he were allowed to tweet): Now we can see who helped Sleepy Joe steal the election.

Washington Post: Anonymous sources confirm that aliens are here only to witness Jeff Bezos’ historic space flight.

Elon Musk: Their technology is braindead.

Pres. Biden: We are proposing another $5 trillion in spending to prevent panic.

Mitch McConnell: Maintaining the filibuster will prevent panic.

Dr. Fauci: I would have informed Americans of this risk earlier but I was afraid they’d stop wearing masks.

World Health Organization: There is no evidence that there is a risk of airborne contagion. We are seeking permission from the visitors to investigate further.

OAC: The very term “alien” is degrading and another example of toxic white masculinity.

The New York Times: A scientific consensus is emerging that POOW (People of Other Worlds) have been attracted by the buildup of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Proud Boys: The Jewish conspiracy is galatic (sic).

Antifa: Disarm the police.

Andrew Cuomo: Despite allegations to the contrary, I wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole.

Spokewoman for Israeli Defense Forces: The IDF will respond overwhelmingly to any provocation.

Iranian Ayatollah: The American and Israeli butchers must be made to pay a steep price.

Pres. Putin: The chemists of the KGB have prepared an antidote.


Republished from blog Fractals of Change by Tom Evslin of Stowe – author, entrepreneur, and former Vermont state official.

Photo: US Navy footage of UFO

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  1. LGBTQ…Blah, blah, blah….Oh look at the pretty rainbow colored alien ships.

  2. Mr. Evslin’s projected “world reaction” to the mere mention of the UFO/UAP mystery is probably accurate; but then, anyone who dares bring up the subject is almost always met with ridicule, mockery and dismissal. It’s all a big joke, right? Perhaps that’s why so many pilots, military personnel, scientists and “professionals” of every stripe avoid the topic, for fear of jeopardizing their careers. But as hard evidence mounts, all that is beginning to change. That something weird has been going on for many decades can no longer be denied. I know this for a fact. E.g., see: So, stay tuned, dear reader. The truth is out there, and it may indeed prove to be stranger than fiction!

  3. Evslin’s commentary here is a pretty good satire of how news gets reported these days. It’s the elites’ opinions and reactions that are highlighted, not the information or facts themselves.

  4. Wrong portion of the world reacting, but then again they have to get their 2 cents in real or otherwise. Alien (galaxy kind) have been around here for a LONG time – disclosures on the horizon so buckle up and have plenty of popcorn! Pay attention to cartoons – stories being told of course in an indirect way. What if those costumes in galaxy type movies were actually real – what if some have been a neighbor! Heard there are many good ones and they have been helping good people correct so many wrongs – right now! Of course if you believe in good – you know there is evil – 2 sides to it all. That’s the fight we are in right now – saving our planet and good people – God Wins…research!!