Evslin: we may need compulsory vaccination

by Tom Evslin

Just saw the first sign at a supermarket which said “You must wear a mask if you’re not vaccinated [emphasis mine]”. Do I think everyone going maskless was vaccinated? No, there’s an unfortunate selfish correlation between those who refused to wear masks and those who refuse to get vaccinated. Am I going to wear a mask because of the unmasked unvaccinated? No. I’m vaccinated. I’m no more likely to spread Covid than all the other diseases in the world, most of which I’m not vaccinated against.

Tom Evslin

We wore masks to protect other people because they had no way to protect themselves – especially those whose jobs serving us made them vulnerable. Now almost all 12s and up can protect themselves with a vaccination. We are now responsible, again, for own safety. That’s a good thing.

Right now the unvaccinated are taking a risk with their own lives. Unfairly the final vaccine holdouts will be parasites on the partial herd immunity achieved by the rest of us getting vaccinated and will be danger to those who can’t get vaccinated or have weak immune systems and provide a breeding ground for new variants which could be vaccine resistant. We may still need to make vaccination compulsory.

I was glad to wear a mask when it was needed. Intend to make a habit of masking up if I go out with sniffles in the future. It was absurd that masks became a political symbol, although less than complete candor from the CDC and yes, even from Dr. Fauci, as well as Trumpian mask-scorn had something to do with that. In hindsight, the evidence that masks were unneeded outdoors should have been released earlier and probably would have increased compliance indoors. Continuing to wear a mask after vaccination or outdoors is like keeping a Trump 2020 sticker on your car – not that the same people do both.

I’m glad to see smiles again.

The author is an author, entrepreneur, and former cabinet member in the administrations of Vermont state governors. He lives in Stowe and publishes a blog, Fractals of Change.

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    • Follow the Science?????
      IF the science was followed, there would be honesty about face masks. Many scientific studies show masks other than possibly N95’s, have no ability to stop viral droplets. Deception has people believing they REALLY do something other than make them FEEL GOOD. They should be called “Emotional Support Masks.”
      IF the science was followed, people would be completely informed about the experimental nature of the “vaccines” and the unknown consequences of the new technology of an “RNA (mRNA) Vaccine” which has not been tested for safety.
      If the science was followed, there would be acknowledgement of the existing, long time used and tested drugs that are inexpensive, readily available and have been proven to work in treating the Covid Virus. Why are many doctors being censored and persecuted?

    • Anyone who says “Follow the science” has literally never read anything but has merely been programmed by the media.

      If you actual read any of the data you would have found that your version of “science” is merely propaganda.

  1. Anyone who uses “compliance” and “parasites” referring to people who don’t trust the shots is persona non grata in my book. Oh wait, he lives in Stowe and is a former cabinet member in the administrations of VT state governors – that makes him an expert!

  2. Wow this is tough, but it is still America, and while I made the choice to get vaccinated, I don’t believe that it’s is the government’s place to make them mandatory. If we condone, or support mandatory vaccines, what other intrusions into our personal choices will this be setting a precedence for, after all, it is for the good of the collective, right ?

    • It is for the collective good and those who are unwilling to help protect themselves and others certainly aren’t doing the public good., it’s just selfishness under the guise of “rights”. You certainly have the right to choose whatever you want to do but with those rights come RESPONSIBILITIES and consequences Don’t want to wear a mask or get vaccinated? That’s fine, just don’t be a burden on our health care system and stay home and suffer or die there.

      I guess we should repeal the no shoes, no shirt, no service when entering stores because that’s obviously an infringement on our rights , too

      • Mr.Van Dyke, I’d like to make something perfectly clear. When I spout something about the “collective” it’s total sarcasm. That commie crap about the “collective” is just my way of saying it is indicative of how a communist society would justify an issue.

      • Mike you are a confused individual, to your last point; private businesses that require certain dress codes to enter their business IS THE OWNERS RIGHT! Your right is to patronize or not patronize! To your first point; you lost me at the “collective good”, we are a constitutional republic, not a socialist order! Our system is about INDIVIDUAL rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! If you wish to feel obligated to “protect others”; go for it! That is your right! You are misguided about an individuals “responsibilities“ to a community. As I stated previously; we are each only responsible for ourselves in this constitutional republic, not the public at large! It is your choice to have an untested vaccine put into your body, and if you do, why are you concerned with those who don’t? Do you not feel “safe” with your choice? If not, why did you let someone put an untested substance in your body? Your third point about “overwhelming the health care system” is a moot point. To this day, no health care system has been “overwhelmed”!

      • I’m not responsible for others’ stupidity. Turn off the TV, BBC, NPR, leftist rag mags et al. Then maybe you’ll gain some much-needed wisdom and clarity.

  3. This is America. You can make your own choices for your health care and so can everyone else. Calling people “parasites, danger, selfish” does nothing to show any intelligence on the subject of the so-called Covid19 pandemic and the experimental shots, of which if you get one, you are now enrolled into the guinea pig trial. Have you seriously looked into what type of concoction was injected into your body? How do you know 100% that you’re not a carrier after getting the shot? Have you considered what these shots are really doing to your immune system? Why would anyone get a shot for some type of virus that has a 99.9% – 99.4% survival rate? Why so much marketing, free stuff and coercion (which is against the law) for an experimental shot? Hmmmmm, sounds fishy don’t you think? If the government told you to jump off a cliff and they’ll catch you with this new-found foam cushion because it will help your immunity, would you do that? Too much trust in an untrustworthy government is not very intelligent. Why don’t you check it out, get informed and stop slandering people for their own choices in health care, who’ve made the intelligent decision in doing research and making sure what NOT to inject into their bodies. By the way, if you want to live in a compulsory society, please feel free to deport yourself to China, North Korea, etc.

  4. I think you should just stay home and hide under your bed. Who to hell do you think you are? The above commenter says it all, you submitted to being a government expiriment.and you can’t sue the people who injected you with a solution of could be poison. You call me a paracite, I call you crazy and afraid of tour own shaddow. The day the government shows up at my door to inject me is the day I become a criminal. Take your jab and shove it.

  5. You know, when I read words like “compulsory” & “parasites” it harkens me back to my mom who was a “guest” in Saarbrucken, a Nazi Labor “Camp” & my dad who was an MP at the Nuremberg Trials where these same words were often used by the “Defendants”, all following “orders” as it were. Saltlight faith is right on, did Evslin bother to READ the Moderna patent, specifically Sec. 26, para.’s 40–50 where they “use” HCV (Hep-C) and HIV (AIDs) “parts” in their “AMP’s” (Anti Microbial Polypeptides)? Do I want to inject an experimental RNA concoction for a virus w/a survival rate of 99% and they say one can STILL get/carry this same virus after vaccination? Drug-resistant TB has a 15% mortality rate, are we “testing”, using a PCR “method” that it’s INVENTOR, Dr. Kary Banks Mullis SAID should NEVER be used for “testing” anyone, everyone for TB which can be highly contagious in closed settings? And just WHEN did vax-rates become the measure for Vt.’s “Opening The Spigot”? As I recall, before the vax’s were even available, Gov. Scott’s determinants were case counts, test #’s, and hospitalizations, now we’re being damn near forced to get a Government Injection w/a “Emergency Use Authorization”? One’s chances of being injured in an auto accident rises exponentially w/every increase in MPH driven, should we ALL be forced to drive at 15 MPH to “stay safe”? Just the “flu” (where did THAT go to?) used to sicken between 9 to 45 Million per year, hospitalize 140,000 to 810,000 per year and KILL between 12,000 to 60,000 per year yet did we MANDATE flu vaccinations? NOW the flu has just vanished? The vaccination “Industry” was a $60 to $90 BILLION Dollar a year goldmine BEFORE Covid, one wonders what it is Now? Sorry Mr. Evslin, I never believed the Warren Commission after JFK’s assassination, or that Sirhan Sirhan managed to get off 11 shots from a 9-shot revolver to kill RFK 5 years later, or that this Virus “escaped” from a lab and that ANYONE has the “authority” to MANDATE we get a Government Injection using experimental RNA technology for a death “rate” of less than 1%. Being forced to participate in experimental medical procedures is a violation of the Nuremberg Codes, period. Thanks but NO thanks, I’ll take my chances & not live in fear of every little microbe the “media’ has stampeded the public into being terrified by.

    • Look into PEPFAR-Global Fund-SEED Global Health-Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations-GAVI…Make no mistake The WHO-UN-UNICEF-WORLD bank-Bill & Melinda Gates are spearheading global CV19 “jabs” for a multinational database that puts the unvaccinated at risk of persecution! EU Commission just came out yesterday proclaiming “fully vaccinated” tourists could travel once again but had to provide a vaccine passport! This my friend is pure Nazism! The CCP Progressive Party in US in alliances with the Big Pharma-Big Tech who are fully protected against any liability and that’s a grave concern to US Republic!

  6. Please notice Mr. Evslin has drawn many conclusions and made many general statements and accusations based on his personal FEELINGS. His writing is devoid of FACTS to show a basis for his view. To engage in meaningful dialog and debate requires FACTS. Using our brains for critical thinking, common sense and reasoning are VERY DIFFERENT than FEELING our way on a subject. What facts do you have Mr. Evslin??

  7. Dry up, Evslin.
    I love my country. I distrust those in government or who have been.

  8. Oh do I agree with so much here, but in particular (since I have gone deep and wide on that censored science) grumpyvermonter said it well and yes vtbeliever I agree – what proof does Evslin have? Many of us have tried to enlighten (warn) others because we CARE. We do not have an agenda except to now save our children since the likes of you Mr. Evslin have taken that poison pill. WE have those feelings of wanting to help humanity while these elites push their agenda 2030 horrors on our neighbors and families. You on the other hand ridicule. Are you even aware that businesses in sane states are now putting signs up telling people who have been “jabbed” do not enter? You are more dangerous to unvaccinated now if you READ the science! No one had to die of any virus – it was a well orchestrated cover for something so much more nefarious. Why was HCQ blacklisted by the Sec of State – document at web site if you bother to look for it. AND it’s been copied and sent on for future use should that document disappear. Ivermectin another aid in curing that virus! People are brainwashed – mandatory you say – try it and see how that works. You are the likes of how this insanity got as far as it did. Makes it real simple for the culling of the population.

    Now read some hard facts with plenty of resources since its one of many suits filed with more coming:

  9. Remember:
    Government entities and drug companies can easily say the vaccines are harmless without consequence. Much like the big tech companies, they are shielded from liabilities.

  10. Who ever That Snow Flake is that wrote This Story , (( and That is all it is a Fairy Tale )) .They say God Protects Drunks and Fools . Perhaps we should Pray for him .

  11. Mr Evslin has already swallowed the koolaid, it’s too late for him, but critical thinkers want to find out exactly what knowledge and facts there are before committing their bodies for treatment! I for one don’t trust a vaccine being pushed without FDA approval, and even then will balk if facts don’t line up with the medical advice!

    • COVID19 “vaccines” do not exist! The Pseudo vaccine are Emergency Use Authorization Gene therapies and NOT approved by FDA! Also, COVID recovered patients are more protected from CV19 than vaccinated yet CDC does not acknowledge this! Also, plasma from recovered CV19 patients is very effective in treating COVID patients who have co-morbidities~

  12. I find it interesting that anyone who questions validity of these mandates, guidelines, CDC, DHS, NIH, always drag Trump into it attempting to shame and devalue intellectual inquiry. If this bioweapon was as deadly as alleged, why did one side continue to protest in large crowds, loot, burn, and murder in the name of justice through all 2020 to date? Why are there more homeless on the street in unsanitary, unprotected conditions that no one cares to help out in large cities like LA, San Fran, NYC, or even the camp in Burlington VT? The numbers don’t ad up and our eyes do not deceive us.

  13. There is so much that you will find out about these shots in the coming months/years that I can’t even tell you without sounding like a crazy person. These are not vaccines they are tools of control that have been used figuratively (propaganda) and literally (through their chemical/physical makeup) to control you.

  14. I wonder who’s pocket this person just fell out of to write this post. This is nothing but fear porn, propaganda, and virtue signaling. You are more likely to have a life altering adverse reaction (including death, heart issues, etc.) from the jab than you are likely to die from covid. And that’s not even mentioning how people are becoming magnetized from this gene therapy. This thing contains multiple toxic chemicals that aren’t even supposed to be touched by humans….yet people like the author and the government and media and big tech want us to put it in our blood stream. And you want to call us the crazy and selfish ones? I will not inject known toxic, carcinogens into my blood stream no matter what. Especially if it’s just to appease a selfish dunce like the author here. Sorry not sorry.

  15. What we actually need is compulsory sterilization to get arrogant, self righteous, idiotic sheeple out of the gene pool! Oh, wait… The “vaccination” might take care of that for us. Take your compulsory vaccination theory, stick it where the sun don’t shine, and go live in China.

  16. What we need is compulsory sterilization to get arrogant, self righteous, idiotic sheeple like you out of the gene pool. Oh wait… “Vaccination” may take care of that for us. Take your compulsory vaccination theory, stick it where the sun don’t shine, and go live in China.

  17. Dear Mr. Evslin,
    Based on the 2020 Census, the state of Vermont has 643,077 residents. Based on the VT Department of Health COVID dashboard, 24,162 residents contracted SARS-COV2 since last March (stats dated 05/26/21). That’s less than 4% of the population that got sick (exactly 3.76%). The dashboard also states that 255 residents died, a little over 1% of the of the people who tested positive actually died (exactly 1.06%). 80% of the confirmed deaths were in the age demographic of 65 and older. Why should I get injected to save your life, after you called me a parasite?

  18. In the past, I always felt that Evslin was a smart, rational person. No longer.

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