Evslin: ‘Require’ better than ‘mandate’

by Tom Evslin

Words matter.

I’m very pro Covid-19 vaccinations as a way to turn that virus from the root of a pandemic to just one more background pathogen like its many flu-causing cousins. I do think that students, teachers, health care workers, people coming into the country, people on trains, planes, busses, and many others should be vaccinated.

Tom Evslin

I’ve been saying “vaccines should be mandated.” That phrase, I’m afraid, helps cause resistance to vaccination. What I should have been saying is that vaccines should be required in many cases.

What’s the difference? A mandate would be “all adults need to be vaccinated”. That’s different than a requirement that all medical workers must be vaccinated. We live with requirements all the time. All doctors need to meet educational and experience requirements. Nurses have different requirements. Drivers of hazardous vehicles are required to take drug tests (and, by implication, are required NOT to take certain drugs). Other vaccines are required for students in many states.  We don’t call these requirements “mandates”.

“All adults must be vaccinated” is a mandate you can’t escape unless you are Peter Pan. A requirement that you must be vaccinated to be a health care worker can be met by deciding not to become a health care worker. The requirement for vaccination to go to public school can be and is avoided by home schooling or private school. If your religion says that you can’t be vaccinated and vaccination is a requirement for riding on public transport, you are free to practice your religion by not riding public transport.

Mandates mean you have no choice. Requirements mean you have a choice, but your choice has consequences which are yours to bear. If you choose not to take periodic flight physicals, you choose not to be a pilot. But it is your choice.

It’s probably too late to put the “mandate” genie back in the bottle. Nevertheless, “mandate”  was the wrong word to use, and I believe the word “mandate” has stiffened some people’s resistance to vaccination. While I wait for my third shot, I’m going to practice saying “requirement”.

Republished from Fractals of Change, blog published by the author, a Stowe resident, entrepreneur, and former Vermont cabinet officer.

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  1. Nice try at covering for King Biden, Mr. Evslin.

    There is no difference between using the word “require” verses using the word “mandate.”
    They are both tyrannical and Unconstitutional in the context of forcing people to inject an Experimental and Untested Technology Gene Therapy Shot into their bodies.

    This behavior has NO PLACE in the United States of America. It’s encouraging to see ALL the United States Citizens standing up and refusing the mandate to give up their Freedom!

  2. Your continued ranting arguments for compulsory “vaccination” carry no validity,Mr Evslin. What you call the “vaccine” is an experimental gene therapy with considerable risk to the recipient. In the United States, there are three treatments approved for use under Emergency Use Authorization. An approved product, manufactured by Pfizer is not available in the US. Per the manufacturer’s statement the approved treatment Cormality, is legally and chemically different than the shot you pine for. You have been gaslighted. The United States of America, in 1947 caused the Nuremberg Code to be written. (USA v Karl Brant et al) Voluntary consent is the first requirement of the Nuremberg Code.The treatment you demand all adults submit to carries risk that outweigh benefits for many adults and an overwhelming majority of children. Yet you see this treatment as compulsory, required for all- even those it will cause harm and possible death.Your theory that one can abstain from society, give up employment to satisfy your “requirement” is absurd. As you have been gaslighted, so you continue to gaslight others, Why? So you may feel safe? Perhaps Mr. Evslin it is you whom should retreat from society, avoid contact and live in fear- proclaiming your self righteous indignation of word choices as the world continues on.

  3. As long as Evslin raves on, it’s reaosnable to respond accordingly.

    Natural immunity is many times more effective than any of the vaccines.


    …the claim that there’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated is, therefore, patently untrue. “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?”

  4. You are not considering one important fact. You can’t require or mandate anyone to take an experimental gene therapy treatment, mislabeled and marketed as a vaccine. I recently checked the FDA website and based on the documentation, the COVID jabs are still only approved under the Emergency Use Authorization. The FDA approved the application Pfizer submitted for Comirnaty. They also stated that Comirnaty has to be tested on pregnant woman, as pregnant woman were never included in the initial Pfizer trial. This does not mean the drug is approved, only that their application for the new drug is approved.

    The media has misrepresented what approval means in this instance. I support anyone who chooses to be part of this global experiment, but I do not want to participate.

  5. In Germany, grocery stores are beginning to require customers to be vaccinated before entry. But worry not, they have a “choice,” you see–to eat or not to eat.

    Parsing the meaning of “require” vs. “mandate” is just the thing a slimy politician would do. It isn’t helping, Tom. As usual, you miss the bigger picture: That denying basic services based on medical status–because of a virus with a 99% native survival rate–is an egregious violation of bioethics and constitutional rights. In Colorado, a woman is being denied a kidney transplant (with a donor ready and waiting) because she is not vaccinated. I assume you would have no problem with this, either.

    You also can’t see the paradox embedded in your belief that the vaccine is effective, despite the fact you already need a booster. If the vax was 95% effective, why the booster? And why boost with a vax developed for Alpha when the world has moved onto Delta? The vaccine will not end the pandemic; it does not stop transmission, as admitted by the CDC director on national TV. Vermont, the flag bearer for vaccine compliance, is setting new case records every week. If an 88% vaccination rate has produced this result, do you honestly believe 90% or 95% is going to change anything?

    Please exercise some critical thinking.

  6. Experimental COVID injection mandates not only present a potential and real health risk as is evident through the Health And Human Services (HHS) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is currently at 798,634 reported adverse events and 16,766 reported deaths from the COVID experimental injections last updated on 10/08/21, but also is an incredibly disrespectful act after everything these dedicated, brave, essential workers have offered. It is also critical to note that the current adverse events and deaths reported into the VAERS system is greater than all other vaccines combined in the past 20 years. To help put these numbers in perspective, we can look to the swine flu vaccine of 1976 which was halted after approximately 50 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) surfaced as potentially related to the swine flu vaccine, there were also deaths that had occurred that needed to be investigated. In particular and due specifically to the excess cases of GBS, a moratorium was placed by the federal health agencies on the swine flu vaccine. This is the precautionary principle in effect.

    These experimental injections are not safe and effective, they were never safe and effective and it is criminal that they have been marketed and sold that way. You may want to reevaluate your research, opinion and conscience. Required/mandated experimental injections are unethical and illegal.

  7. Well! Glad to hear the change in nomenclature by…”Vax Proponent”! I’m sure when the Nazi’s “invited” my mom into their Sarrbrucken Labor “Camp” they should have just done so w/a RSVP saying something like “Your presence in “required” by Herr Hitler to join the happy ranks of workers in our lustrous & luxurious Saarbrucken Camp”..I’m SURE she would have felt SO much BETTER about the whole thing..And when my dad was an MP @ the Nuremberg Trials they should/could have mentioned Dr. Mengele’s “medical experiments” as being done on “willing subjects” IF they were only asked politely & “required” not “mandated” by the good Doktor! And Mr Evslin, “after waiting for your 3rd shot maybe you better practice saying” something like, after all the data & “adverse events” show themselves further down the timeline, “I’m sorry for being a medical Nazi forcing people to take med’s they don’t want nor need”? WHY is it that folks CANNOT ask about HIV status, pregnancy status, etc. but seem free to ask Vax status? Maybe we just don’t eat out, travel by air, etc. until this madness passes & we elect Non-Nazi’s back to a SANE government.