Evslin: Most of us will be disappointed by the election outcome

Will we accept them?

by Tom Evslin

The only certainty about Tuesday’s election is that almost half of us are certain to be disappointed by the results. If Rs win the House and Ds keep the Senate, more than half of us will be disappointed. Local results have the potential to add each of us to the disappointed ranks.

So are we going to act like Donald Trump and Stacey Abrams and refuse to recognize defeat? Are we going to question the legitimacy of those we didn’t vote for? Are we going to blame fraud, lies, media bias, advertising, the Russians, or someone else? Are we going to help assure that elected leaders fail or will we hope they succeed for the good of the country even if we’d like to replace them in the next election?

There have been and will be fraud, lies, media bias, advertising and the Russians at least exist. There should be recounts in close elections. There should be swift and thorough investigations of fraud and suppression allegations with prosecutions of any guilty parties resulting. Faith in elections must be constantly validated.

Media bias and lying politicians of all stripes have been with us since the birth of the republic – and in its predecessors. They don’t invalidate elections. We’re the jury and we must decide whom to believe about what. That’s the way democracy (and advertising) works.

In these very polarized times (but not most polarized times – we did have a civil war), it’s easy for people on either side to be incredulous that the other side really won. “Everybody I know voted for HRC. Trump could have only won because the Russians got to the deplorables.” Or “Everybody I know voted for Trump. Biden could only have won because of boatloads of fake ballots and rigged voting machines.”  

Back when I was a kid in Brooklyn, we knew the Dodger’s woulda won if we wuzn’t robbed by duh tree blind mice (umpires). We didn’t take ourselves too seriously, though, and learned to wait ‘til next year.

Voting is the best defense of democracy; neither side has a monopoly on either democratic virtue or totalitarian vice. Policing elections against both rigging and intimidation is essential and is nothing new. Accepting the fact that your fellow citizens decided to vote differently than you and everybody you know wants them to act is what ultimately makes this country work. Then you wait for next year and work like crazy to vote the scoundrels out – assuming you haven’t changed your mind.

Good luck to the USA Tuesday. May the best people (or the lesser of evils) win every race.

The author, an author, entrepreneur, former Vermont state cabinet officer, lives in Stowe. He founded NG Advantage, a natural gas truck delivery company. This commentary is republished with permission from his blog, Fractals of Change.

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  1. This whole article could have been summed up by saying:

    “Don’t worry about it just let them keep stealing from you”

  2. The Astro’s cheated and got caught, the game goes on…
    those that knew it was wrong, still participated in the cheating, and yet they let them keep the championship.

    Minimal to no Accountability

    To many creatures in the swamp !

  3. Gimme a break. This article is trash. The author clearly hasn’t watched 2000 Mules. Trump won.

    What’s with the liberal pandering lately?

  4. I’m disappointed in the election process, not its outcome. The outcome is irrelevant because it can’t be verified. No one can claim an election has been stolen because that can’t be proven one way or the other. And no one can claim an election has been fair because that can’t be proven either. What we can prove is that the process is flawed. And anyone who says otherwise is either delusional or a liar.

  5. This article assumes a level playing field – something we clearly do not have. We are in the process of being overtaken by a cabal of global elitists. Look closely at the rest of the world…. Canada, UK, Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, Brazil… on and on. They are all falling to the NWO. If we don’t stand up and get mad as hell, we will follow.

    Our only lifeline right now is the balance of US Supreme Court. And for that, I thank God daily for Donald Trump (and Hillary Clinton for being so… erm… deplorable.)

  6. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia all violated the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution in 2020 election. The results should have been declared invalid and new lawful elections held. Bicameral Republicans panicked that if they followed the law the nation would be thrown into turmoil, so they certified the election results anyway. We are not going to recognize defeat, but we do recognize a scam and we do recognize the scammers.