Even boring photos tells a story

This photo of the State House legislative parking spaces, taken at 9:10 this morning, show all three spots reserved for carpooling empty.

Most days at least one spot is taken. Almost never are all three in use.

The House Transportation Committee is poised to recommend requiring large employers to develop plans to reduce single-occupant commuting, as a Climate Change initiative.

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  1. So what are you saying Guy ? That they are a bunch of hypocrites ? We knew that . Thanks for the proof though …… Rules for thee……..

  2. We just can’t get off the topic of combatting climate change. Are these folks really true believers, or is somebody lining their pockets, or both? IMHO, we should steer clear of any of these “First In The Nation” bills.
    There seems to be trend of seeing Vermont as the brave little state that will lead the way. We’ve seen this attitude before. It often ends up being ineffective and very expensive. Even if (a big IF at that) it actually reduces emissions, it’s less than a single molecule in a 10 gallon bucket when compared to China and India. The world won’t notice it, and it won’t make a bit of difference except keep some Montpelier beaurocrats busy doing useless things and drain our already depleted wallets. Just another reason the legislature should only meet every 2 years. They’ll get less useless stuff done and meddle in our lives less. We can only hope.

  3. Must be a night time shot taken with a flash. NO? How about the entire body is working from home offices to save on fossil fuel use. NO ? Must be lunch time and they all went out together , NO?….. Got it….All pigs are not created equal…..buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  4. I want all the liberals to promise they will fall on their swords when the end of the world doesn’t happen. — They I will believe their are sincere

  5. No charging stations there for their ill gotten Teslas? Quick call Stephen Colbert….he’ll save the day!

    • The charging stations (3) are at the bottom west side of Aiken Ave .This picture is taken at the top east side

    • Shouldn’t have to require that, if they were true to their convictions they’d “practice what they preach”, Never mind, I answered mu own hypothetical.

  6. Have you seen their cars??? Expensive ones.. None EV.. “Do as I say. not as I do” thats their motto..

  7. They also kick State employees out of designated parking areas so they can park closer to the State House. Wonder why parking is so bad in Montpelier during sessions? They refuse to use shuttles from the Labor Dept parking lot set up for them years ago. They are entitled beasts and we pay them to be the hierarchy.

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