Essex-Westford school won’t use ‘male’ and ‘female’ in sex ed

Man is “person who produces sperm,” woman is “person who produces eggs”

by Reagan Reese, Daily Caller News Foundation

The Essex-Westford Vermont School District is no longer using the terms “male” and “female” when teaching sexual education classes, according to a letter obtained by Parents Defending Education (PDE), a parental rights organization.

Founders Memorial School Principal Sara Jablonski notified families on April 20 that teachers will no longer be using gender-specific words such as “male,” “female,” “boy” and “girl” when teaching fifth-grade health lessons that include puberty and the human reproductive system, according to a letter obtained by PDE. Instead, teachers will describe a man as a “person who produces sperm” and refer to a woman as “person who produces eggs.”

“The new language rules are dehumanizing but in the context of a 5th grade unit on puberty and reproduction, they also demonstrate a complete abdication of the school’s obligation to educate children about reality,” Erika Sanzi, director of outreach for PDE, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is what an elementary school captured by gender ideology looks like.”

Teachers will be using “gender inclusive language” in an effort to align the school’s curriculum with Essex Westford School District’s equity policy, the letter stated. The most recent equity policy posted on the district’s website from the 2021-2022 school year requires that teachers are trained to have a “lens through which to assess their lessons for bias and representation.”

“In an effort to align our curriculum with our equity policy, teachers will be using gender inclusive language throughout this unit,” the letter stated. “With any differences, we strive to use ‘person-first’ language as best practice.”

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  1. Why don’t you take your gender ideology down to the barn and explain it to the cows and bulls, chickens and roosters or out in the woods to a buck and doe. The real name should be idiotolgy!

  2. Going to be tough looking at blank screens during the presentations, but I am sure they will muddle through it till such time as one of the nondescripts impregnates the other nondescript . At the moment things may hit the fan in their respective households.
    There is an added benefit to E W approach as there will be no accountability which is consistent with their overall educational philosophy as demonstrated by their spiraling down performance.

  3. Good grief. It’s hard to believe this nonsense goes on in a state where we live so close to the natural world; where we see bucks go into rut, hogs go into heat, and roosters crow. And if your eyes are open, you can see the males impregnate the females regardless of species. Don’t kids see the neighborhood dogs sniffing each other? Or am I not supposed to talk about intercourse between the TWO sexes and the way it’s done. Probably not. Must be mother goose delivers all babies, or is it the tooth fairies?

    Boggles my mind how adults fall in line with this BS. Is there something in the city water?

    • I don’t think the term Mother Goose is allowed anymore, I believe the term would be birthing/hatching fowl. Of course, “what’s good for the goose, is the good for the gander” will I longer be allowed either.

  4. Yes, let the evolution of language ring from the rooftops! Let it color everything it touches! Next year, I look forward to the “People Who Produce Sperm Vermont Division I Hockey Finals,” among other great leaps forward.

  5. I totally understand this though. I no longer, as an example, use the terms “liberal” or “conservative” in public places myself. Instead, I use the word(s) “insane” or “mental case” to describe all those who promote this ideology and “normal” or “realists” to describe the majority of the populace who have not gone off the deep end.

    Knowing the proper, accurate verbiage or adjectives to use as descriptives is VITALLY important in these times.

  6. By the way, just a word to the school administrators:

    Monkey see, monkey do, huh “educators”? I mean, indoctrinators. I mean daft ones.

  7. And to these nuts I ask this…how many females have they ever seen produce sperm? And to add…how many males have they ever seen produce eggs? A special kind of mental disability has hit these “educators”. Monty Python has nothing on this ship of fools.

    • Well, oddly, they are trying to get us to believe that Dylan Mulvaney (and others) are women… even though he and others produce sperm. It appears these folx want to have their gender fruitcake and eat it too?

  8. That superintendent….what a colossal bore. But you know, I’ll wager that she will likely be the Superintendent of the Year for the illustrious Vermont Superintendents Association. Lord have Mercy on and protect the citizens and children of Essex and Westford.

  9. Twitter page deleted but still shows on search: “Sara Jablonski. @srjablonski. she/her: principal, librarian, educator, techie, reader, wife, mom of two, dog and cat lover. ” It didn’t include “egg producer.” Does she refer to her children as biological results from the sperm producing person she entered into a contract with? Her “interim” appointment announcement on the school website deleted. Youtube announcement: She doesn’t mention being an “egg producer.” How will she refer to herself after menapause? Post-egg producing flesh suit? Our education system is beyond redemption. The world is laughing at us and justly so.

  10. In reference to Sara Jablonski, Principal of Founders Elementary School in Essex Center using the equity platform to force this insanity on children ;
    You are so WOKE that you choose to differentiate between Male and Female by addressing them as Sperm producers or Egg producers.
    You don’t have the cognitive ability to understand that despite the fact you are completely insane, you just proved proved there are TWO GENDERS.
    Have fun with that one marxists.

  11. So by forcing inclusion they are minimalizing everyone else sounds idiotic at best.

  12. “People who produce sperm,” “people who produce eggs”, gosh, so awkward. If only there was a word for them!

  13. As far as I know females don’t “produce eggs.” They are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have within their bodies.

  14. Gosh I’m so confused. My brain had started to think of Dylan Mulvaney as a woman but now I must call her a male since she produces sperm?

    Can we just roll back the societal gender upgrade to v1.0? It’s starting to feel like v2.0 has not been thoroughly tested.

  15. Thanks, Principal Jablonski, for being so inclusive about this. Oh wait, you’ve just completely denied the humanity of the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who no longer produce eggs because they have reached menopause. (The “producing” thing was fuzzy anyway since a WOMAN is born with all the eggs she’ll ever had, as they formed in-utero).

    It’s frankly insulting to replace the word woman with “egg-producer” like a good laying hen!

    A FEMALE human is a WOMAN; an immature female is a GIRL. How do we know this? Because she carries female DNA in every cell in her body, the same way a MALE human (MAN or BOY) carries his male DNA in every cell in his body. This is not gender ideology, this is absolutely basic biology. If you can’t get that right, you’ve got no business teaching children about human development, puberty — or anything else.

    • Awesome! Everything we ALL learned in 10th grade biology summarized concisely. Sadly though, it appears as though the loons in Essex must have the memory capacities of Joe Biden.

  16. Private reflection time, that’s what we’re calling it now? I “mastered” that homework by myself