‘Essential, necessary’ border town travel OK now, state says

Vermont residents who live within five miles of another state border may cross state lines into border towns on “essential and necessary” activity, the State of Vermont has announced in what it calls “common sense relief.”

This tweak of Covid-19 regulations from the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) reads as follows:

“Vermont’s travel policy recognizes that many Vermont border towns are culturally and economically inseparable from the neighboring state’s border towns, and provides common sense relief from Vermont’s quarantine policy for essential and necessary travel between border towns that occurs in the same day. Those living in Vermont may travel five miles into adjacent states without quarantining upon return to Vermont. Those living in adjacent states within five miles of the Vermont border may travel five miles into Vermont without quarantining.

“Essential travel is defined as regular day-to-day travel that must occur for an individual’s health, safety and economic security, including trips to the grocery store, the doctor, or work. Necessary travel includes travel to participate in an activity that you deem necessary to your physical or mental health – such as worship, going to a gym, getting a haircut, and participating in place-based outdoor recreation. This policy does not extend to cross state travel for activities such as social gatherings, dining at a restaurant or bar, or going to a purely entertainment indoor venue such as a movie theater or bowling alley.

“Other states may not have safety protocols in place that are as stringent as Vermont’s pandemic safety rules. Residents availing themselves of cross state travel under this policy may be putting themselves and their community at increased risk. When traveling, residents must follow Vermont’s COVID-19 related health and safety rules, including mandatory masking and strict 6′ physical distancing, when in Vermont or in a border community.”

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  1. Well whoopty-doo. We’ve been shopping in NH every week (except one) since this whole fiasco started.

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