Employee vax mandate subject of Chamber poll

The Vermont Chamber of Commerce is surveying members about their plans to require vaccination for employees. 

The August newsletter for the statewide business organization includes this entry: “One-Question Survey: Employer Vaccine Mandate – The Vermont Chamber is surveying statewide employers on their plans related to mandating vaccines for employees, in light of recent Covid-19 news. Take Survey.”

The ‘survey monkey’ poll has one question: “1. With the latest news about Covid-19, is your business mandating that employees get vaccinated?” Responses are yes, no, considering, and an optional ‘tell us more.’ Respondents may choose whether to identify themselves.

State of Vermont economic development officials are not tracking which businesses will and won’t require employee and/or patron vaccination. Gov. Scott has stated he supports businesses that wish to require vaccination as a condition of employment.

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  1. employers are facing a hard time now getting new employees ! if they start requiring vaccines, no one will apply for any job! good luck with this insanity!

  2. I would encourage anyone even if you agree with the “vaccines” to quit any position in which they mandate it. Maybe you agree with this one this time but what’s to stop them from doing it for anything else? You alone have the choice as to what you put in your body.

    If they don’t have any workers they can’t run their business. It’s really that simple and if you’re not doing it for you like they say about the “vaccines” do it for your fellow Vermonter.

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