Electrify everything! Place burden of climate change on everyday household, REV speaker says

Saul Griffith. Courtesy of Dr. Griffith’s website.

By Max Dodson, Community News Service

Despite Vermont making strides to reach it’s renewable energy goals, and a national goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, hurdles still exist and there is still much progress to make, according to speakers at this year’s Renewable Energy Vermont Conference. 

Saul Griffith was the keynote speaker for the first day of the conference. An engineer, scientist, educator, and entrepreneur, he has spent his life working many jobs, most of which are related to mitigating climate change. 

Griffith said it’s important to  “electrify everything,” saying how a huge portion of greenhouse gasses contributing to climate change stem from inefficient appliances, and many things that do not run on electricity. Among these are cars, home heating systems, and gas stoves. 

A common ideal among environmentalists is that the best energy is the energy not used, highlighting the importance of efficiency. Griffith said one of the best ways to increase efficiency is to implement better utilities attached to the grid.

Griffith didn’t say that every Vermonter should go out and buy an electric car. He highlighted the need for federal and state subsidies to make these more efficient technologies available to consumers, so that the bulk cost of the transformation to greener technologies is not on the consumer.

Throughout his talk, he focused on the household as the forefront for the fight to reduce emissions. 

“The household needs to be the center of American climate policy. It connects to all sectors, and contributes to 42% of all emissions,” said Griffith. 

This transition to efficient, electric appliances has the power to create huge economic progress, Griffith said.

“If you tried to get as close to 1.5 degrees, you would create 20 million new energy jobs in the first five years, to ramp up the manufacturing and deployment of these new machines,” said Griffith

A UN panel of climate scientists has consistently set the target of 1.5 degrees celsius at the ceiling for climate change. Further climate change past this will result in irreversible damage to the planet. 

The conference also focused on new technologies and developments that are less focused on electrification or green energy, but still play a role in the state’s sustainability and transition toward a greener economy.

An example of this is the South Village Community in South Burlington. This project aims to promote more sustainable land use in a suburban setting.

Will Raap, the founder of Gardener’s Supply, played a big role in the creation and vision of the community. He said that rather than directly focusing on renewable energy or electrification, his work has focused on sustainable land planning and community development. 

“This 220 acres could have been 10 McMansions, it’s now over 300 housing units. This is trying to demonstrate that suburbia can be a solution to climate change, opposed to a problem to it. We take half of 1% of all real estate sales and invest them in community farming and land conservation,” said Raap.

The community is also designed to support walking, and reduce the use of cars for short distances. It also includes a level of green building design, making the houses efficient. There are also 150 acres left undeveloped for conservation and wildlife corridors, to avoid splitting up habitat.

“We have developed a 12 acre farm on the property that produces a range of products that live in and around the development to promote sustainability,” said Raap.

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  1. VT has been infiltrated & is now being governed by radical leftist activists and the GOP needs to spend some $$ bringing cases to courts in terms of a variety of causes: voter irregularities & potential fraud, unconstitutional decisions such as illegals & underage minors voting, racial discrimination against white citizens, pornography & pedophilia in schools, etc. etc.

  2. I’m sure that Green Mountain power LOVES and ADORES such as this man all while we have the HIGHEST electric rates in New England. AS soon as someone injects the “United Nations” a group of globalist despots bent of global control of ALL OF US, you need to discard what this guy says. If you read in between the lines , he’s suggesting taking stuff from the “Evil rich” and redistributing it to the Collective . You’ll also notice that Mankind is THE problem. What did David Attenborough ( Science genius , narrator of BBC programs) , say about us? Oh yeah, ” A cancer on the planet” or some such. Disregard these people for the sake of your freedoms . Unless you WANT to be a slave .

  3. As with any war, the brunt of the fighting and, casualties will be borne by the average citizen. People like John Kerry, Al Gore (you know, E. Gore’s brother)and yes, the virtue signaling dumbasses under the “Golden Dumb” will still fly around in their private jets, and sail the seven seas in their yachts, exchanging the fuel it takes for “Green Credits” and saying that it is necessary for them to continue their gallant green war against everybody except for the Chinese, and Indians. Meanwhile, we Vermonters, who are among the greenest folks in the world already, will be expected to pedal our bicycles, and cars like Fred Flintstone, so they can continue their virtuous campaign. Yaba, daba do !!!! Dirtbags !!!!!!!

  4. A sustainable 12 acre farm! How many people can live on and be sustained on a 12 acre farm? Does he acknowledge the population density around Boston and New York City? Where does power to support those people come from?

  5. This line right here “He highlighted the need for federal and state subsidies to make these more efficient technologies available to consumers, so that the bulk cost of the transformation to greener technologies is not on the consumer.” Where do they think the “subsidies” come from? The money trees in DC??? You lost me right there. Many Many middle class and poor can’t afford an electric car so they’ll never access the subsidies.

  6. Suggest everyone refer to www,ethanallen.org/gwsa ! “Vermont’s New Action Plan is a ‘Mack Truck’ coming at our economy, lifestyle and pocketbook!” For instance: Bans on using all fossil fuels (propane, natural gas for cooking. bans those plus oil etc for hot water, space heating of home or business, ban sales on internal combustion engine cars and trucks by 2033 and much, much more! Rob Roper, EAI President asks “With total electrification of transportation, heating and cooking, what happens when power gets knocked out in February? We can’t warm ourselves, feed ourselves, or move to where we can? How stupid is this?” Make sure you know what is in the Climate Council’s proposed plan for Vermont and how it will affect YOU! What does the Vermont Legislature have in store for YOU. Better find out now!

  7. Saul Griffith is from San Francisco. He must have left home about Septemer 1 in order to arrive here on time for the Conference. Oh…….say what…he flew in to BTV? Used carbon? And tell us, what amount was the honorarium he was paid for his wise words? And…just asking…was he informed that the Vermont electric grid cannot conceivably facilitate the electrical service his household-crunching utopia would require? Lunatic garbage like this does an enormous disservice to what was billed ostensibly as as an effort to inform, educate and build support for work to change….it does the exact opposite of what is needed…deeply hurts the effort. Nice work, REV.

  8. I’m suspecting that our brothers here evangelizing “the-sky’s-falling-&-we-can-fix-it” have given up trying to civilly convince us of their insights. The signs are already there…they’re gona just have to make us submit…for our own good. I can think of 20/30 Times in history when the enlightened cognoscenti have had to step up and rescue us dullards from ourselves. Let’s see how that works out this time.. .

  9. Back in the old west, guys like this with a horse and wagon travelled from town to town selling the useful idiots a bottle of elixir to cure many ailments. Nothing has really changed other than the elixir is now solar panels, propellered monoliths and lithium batteries. The new snake oil salesman claims to cure the climate or weather or global warming or climate change with their new technologies that are so good they must be subsidized by more useful idiots, the taxpayers. The same useful idiots that believed in the snake oil sold out of a wagon only now believing the earth is sick and needs this new elixir to cure mother nature. This new salesman, looking like Robert Redford’s Jeramiah Johnson for environmental look affect burned up a few hundred gallons of jet fuel to bring his snake oil to town. You would think that as time goes by people would begin to question these seers of doom for what they are. Just another peddler of bad snake oil that doesn’t work but cost a lot of money to the useful idiots who will listen to his sales pitch and buy into another fraud. At least with that old west snake oil you could drink it and maybe get a buzz long after the peddler was gone.

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