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Elderly pedestrian dies after hit by car driven by teen

An 89-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene of a collision between a car and a pedestrian, which occurred on Mayhew Turnpike in Bridgewater on the morning of Monday, Sept. 4, police say. 

Donald Estes of Bridgewater was struck by a 2003 Subaru Legacy, which was traveling northbound and veered into the breakdown lane where he was walking.

The driver of the Subaru, a 16-year-old whose identity is being withheld due to their age, is currently under investigation.

Bridgewater Police Department responded to the incident at 9:43 AM. Law enforcement officials are urging any potential witnesses of the crash to come forward and contact Trooper First Class Daniel Quartulli at 603- 223-8993. All aspects of the collision remain under investigation. – Newport Dispatch report from police statements.

Drowning on Levi Pond – Sunday shortly before midnight, state police were notified of a drowning on Levi Pond in Groton. Three people went out on the pond on a small boat. The boat overturned. Only two occupants of the boat arrived on shore. 

Search efforts for the missing occupant continued through the evening and that individual was not located. But in the early morning hours the Vermont State Police Underwater Recovery Team located the body of Kristopher Perkins, 27, of Thetford, the third and missing occupant of the boat. He was pronounced deceased on scene and his body was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical examiner for autopsy.

The survivors were Tim Perkins, 57, of Groton, and a juvenile. 

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  1. If you are old enough to be trusted with a license to operate a motor vehicle on the public highways, you are not a “juvenile” and you are old enough to have your identity revealed when you mow down and kill an innocent pedestrian…

    • I agree with richlachapelle, especially since VT lawmakers overrode Scott’s veto of H.386 (16 and 17 year old voters in Brattleboro) in a special legislative session June 20, 2023 in a 110–37 vote. Inconsistency in law and treatment of offenders destroys respect and confidence in the justice system. Also, I believe the accident took place in Bridgewater, NH rather then VT. My opinion is the same regardless of the state.

  2. Agree with the above. If you are deemed old enough to get your hands on the steering wheel of a two ton vehicle that can travel up to 100 mph, you should be considered an adult under the motor vehicle law and any other law. And if you happen to plow down a person with a vehicle, well then….reveal the name, investigate straightforwardly, and if negligence or worse is found, prosecute hard and penalize to the max.

  3. If the news incident didn’t occur in Vermont please include what state it did occur in. Several states have towns named Bridgewater.

    • Hi Philip – it was indeed Bridgewater, VT. The reader should assume the town is located in Vermont if no other state is mentioned. Thank you for raising the point.