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Drives 100 MPH, waves loaded gun at state trooper

A St. Albans man is facing charges after he displayed a loaded handgun at a state trooper while driving on Interstate 89 in Georgia May 24.

Dyllon M. Camley, 29, of St. Albans, was cited to appear at 8:30 a.m. June 20 in the Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court in St. Albans to answer charges of reckless endangerment and careless & negligent operation.

Detective Trooper Michael Mattuchio was southbound on the interstate at 7:20 AM in an unmarked VSP Jeep Cherokee when he saw a vehicle ahead of him traveling well in excess of the posted 65 mph speed limit. 

The on-duty trooper accelerated and caught up with the vehicle, a black 2006 Mercedes station wagon, which the detective paced at 100 mph in the passing lane on I-89. The station wagon abruptly pulled into the travel lane, and as Detective Mattuchio pulled even with the Mercedes, its operator, later identified as Camley, displayed a handgun.

Detective Mattuchio pulled behind the station wagon, activated his blue lights and initiated a high-risk traffic stop. Camley was compliant and cooperative. Detective Mattuchio located and seized from inside Camley’s vehicle a loaded handgun that had a round in the chamber. Camley received a citation on the above charges and was released from the traffic stop.

Catalytic converter thefts continue – on the night of May 21, Darren Lahaye, 54, of Topsham had several vehicles parked at his shop with the catalytic converters cut off. Lahaye said his neighbor told him a dark colored truck pulled into his yard late Saturday night. 

“Unfortunately, this is happening more and more, and without help from the public these thefts will continue,” state police said. Anyone with any information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact Trooper Haley of the St Johnsbury Barracks at 802-222-4680.

Michael Spear – photo credit VSP

Alleged drunk driver not cause of fatal two-car crash – It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the drunk driver with the suspended license didn’t cause the two-car crash with death resulting. But according to Vermont State Police reports, that appears to have happened Monday evening, May 23 on I-89 in Georgia. 

At 6:13 PM, Vermont State Police responded to a report of a two-vehicle fatal crash on I-89 North in Georgia. Michael Spear, 52, of Georgia was driving a Pontiac Vibe with a suspended license north on I-89 in the passing lane. Lindsay Benoit, 66, of Highgate was driving a 2015 Ford Mustang north in the passing lane behind Spear. As she came upon Spear’s car, she began to drift over the rumble strip and side swiped him, police said. 

Both vehicles drifted off the west side of I-89 N and entered the median. The driver’s side of Benoit’s car crashed into a tree, overturned and came to an uncontrolled position of rest on its roof facing south. Spear’s car came to a controlled position of rest facing north near Benoit’s car. Benoit died as a result of the accident, police said. 

Troopers suspected Spear may have been under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested and processed for DUI and Driving with a suspended license. He was cited to appear in court.

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  1. How brazen these fools are when they’ve learned that they can get off scot-free for doing nearly anything. Looks like momma tannin’ their hides might be a little too late now. Group of two-bit wanna-be “tough guy” COWARDS.

  2. If, and I mean IF, anyone pulled up alongside of me after following me would cause me to be VERY tense, especially going 100mph. In fact, since it did not LOOK like a cop car or that he failed to turned on lights when he knew the perp was going 100mph (so he alleges). when he pulled along beside (according to report still no lights). I may have pulled over and pulled my gun. Bad move on the police and there is no indication he put a bullet in the chamber until that cop started pulling his “investigation” stunts. 100mph is unsafe and even cops know that. To accelerate to 100mph when he just had to use his radio to call ahead is bad policing as well as dangerous for OTHERS ON THE ROAD. This guy probably walk. This is why unmarked cars should not be on the highways.

  3. Issued citations? For DUI and with a suspended license? Exceeding 100MPH and brandishing a loaded firearm? and just a citation. Why aren’t these law breakers in jail with associated bond? It’s no wonder there is lawlessness in Vermont. There’s little to no consequences for law breakers. More mayhem to follow until Vermont fixes its law enforcement practices (prosecutors and judges).

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