Driver with 23 convictions avoids head-on collision with Burlington police cruiser

Police: Winooski man was drunk, operating stolen car

A Winooski man is in custody after police say he was traveling in a stolen car in the wrong lane heading directly at a police cruiser. 

On August 29 at 7 pm, the Burlington Dispatch Center received a call from a citizen reporting their vehicle had been stolen from the area of Cherry St and Church St. Officers responded to the scene, spoke to the owner, obtained a statement, and collected additional evidence in the area. 

At about 9:44 pm, a BPD officer traveling on Park Street noticed a vehicle traveling south in the northbound lane coming at the Officer’s marked police cruiser. The vehicle quickly swerved back into the correct lane and then pulled into a parking lot of Simon’s Gas Station. 

The officer immediately recognized the vehicle as the vehicle previously reported stolen a few hours ago. Officers made contact with the operator who was identified as Abdifatah Sheikh-Bile, 29, of Winooski. Sheikh-Bile was taken into custody for Operating without Consent of Owner. 

The officer detected an odor of alcohol beverages on Sheikh-Bile. Sheikh-Bile had two active sets of court conditions of release to include a 24 hour curfew, not to buy or consume alcohol, and not to drive a motor vehicle. He was lodged on $5000 bail at Northwest Correctional Facility and was scheduled to appear in court this morning. 

Police say a review of Sheikh-Bile’s criminal history revealed he has 4 felony convictions, 19 misdemeanor convictions, 3 assaultive convictions, 1 assault on police officer charge, 1 escape charge, 10 violation of probation and parole charges, 1 violation of Court Order/Conditions conviction, and 1 failure to appear for court proceedings. Since January 2022, Sheikh-Bile has had 12 law enforcement encounters. Source: Burlington Police Department August 30 release

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  1. This should not be happening at all. Makes no sense. Looks like the States attorney’s office is waiting for this guy that has no respect for the law or other people’s lives to kill someone or maybe more. What to hell are they thinking. Get out from behind your desk and start protecting the people that put you there.

  2. If the justice system does not take men like this off the street what purpose does it serve?

    • And the people of Chittenden Co. chose to let their State’s Attorney keep doing this ! It’s too stupid ! You just can’t make this crap up !

  3. Round up the usual suspects…..I see you already have….a number of times. Round and round we go till somebody gets hurt.

    I see that Abdifatah has missed the being a good citizen part of this drill. No point giving him-or the legal system-any commentary on accountability as this also will be dust in the wind.

    Anybody have the over or under on his next pick up?

    • It always seems to escalate, so my guess is the next time will involve pain, and blood letting of some kind.

  4. if our legislators haven’t caught on, we are sick of the same people being arrested again and again and again. It’s time for them (our legislators) to figure out what to do, and do it.

    Dart Everett

  5. I certainly hope he is kept under wraps……..this time; imagine how it could have turned out…..

  6. Seriously, we can vent our concerns here and to state authorities, but I pray you will consider joining the 1 min 9pm prayer time. England relized they needed God’s help in WWII and undertook this 1 min. daily prayer habit. It’s time to engage Vermonters in a similar battle strategy. God is greater. Let’s pray He reveals this – soon!

  7. This isnt helping the stat that people with more melanin in vt are arrested at a disproportionately higher rate than white people. Maybe that’s their goal!??

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