Donovan ‘deeply troubled’ by Supreme Court support for fetal heartbeat law

Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan, left. 2019 Kidsafe Collaborative photo from ‘public photos’ section of TJ Donovan Facebook page.

By Guy Page

For the second time in two weeks, Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan has taken to Twitter to deplore federal court support for legal rights for unborn Americans. 

The Supreme Court Wednesday, Sept. 1 refused to block the Texas “heartbeat” law that prohibits abortion of a fetus with a detectable heartbeat, which occurs about six weeks after conception. The 5-4 vote – with Chief Justice John Roberts and Democrat-appointed justices Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomeyor dissenting – allows Texas to enforce the law while challenges proceed through the federal courts. 

“I am deeply troubled by the Texas law effectively banning a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. This law is unconstitutional. Roe v. Wade is the law of the land. We intend to do what we can to protect a woman’s right to her reproductive health,” Donovan tweeted Sept. 1, shortly after the decision was announced. 

On August 19, Donovan took to Twitter to condemn a federal court ban on second trimester dismemberment abortions. 

There is a mutually beneficial relationship between Donovan and Planned Parenthood of New England. The abortion provider made him the guest of honor at a Planned Parenthood Political Action Committee (PAC) fundraiser in Burlington in October, 2019. The announcement for the event praises Donovan and his assistants for “their dedication to protecting and advancing reproductive justice in Vermont.” 

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion business in Vermont, testifying to the Legislature that they perform 90% of the approximately 1,200 abortions performed annually in the state.

“TJ Donovan announced that he is ‘deeply troubled’ over the decision of the Texas legislature to protect living unborn babies with a beating heart,” stated Sharon Toborg, Policy Analyst for the Vermont Right to Life Committee. “Donovan is a fervent advocate of unrestricted abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any reason. Donovan uses the resources of his taxpayer funded office, plotting with Planned Parenthood, to ensure that no unborn child, even a child who can survive outside the womb, can ever be protected in Vermont.”

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“Today marks a new era in the Pro-Life world,” said Jim Graham, president of Texas Right to Life. “Our HISTORIC law took effect yesterday, and this decision means that Texas can protect preborn babies from abortion who have detectable heartbeats! No other state has accomplished this.”

Though about a dozen states have passed similar heartbeat laws, Texas is the first to be allowed to enforce its law. The others have been blocked by the courts.

In their ruling late Wednesday, the Supreme Court said the pro-abortion groups did not provide sufficient reasons to justify blocking the law.

“The applicants now before us have raised serious questions regarding the constitutionality of the Texas law at issue,” the majority wrote. “But their application also presents complex and novel antecedent procedural questions on which they have not carried their burden. … In light of such issues, we cannot say the applicants have met their burden to prevail in an injunction or stay application.”

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  1. Tj should be thankful his mother and grand mother did think like he does for his complete disregard for fetal life or his butt wouldn’t be here.

    Think about that for a minute tj

  2. Wait…Constitutional Right??? Really bothers me how folks like him manipulate language and emotion to make killing seem okay.

  3. He is no different than most other liberals, all they care about is themselves, and what they do to ensure that happens. Just look at the epitomy of that concept, Biden and his crew in DC. They are all alike, they think alike and care not about anyone else.
    Sickening, just plain sickening!!!

  4. So bj donavan is no doubt an Irish Roman Catholic like Benedict bidumb and the late mario cuomo. But they disregard the teaching of the church and make their own rules. They claim they are against capital punishment but yet support abortion!! Let that sink in.

  5. Vermont is pretty liberal with their abortion rights so why should he care what the court does.

  6. Donovan has the right to his opinion. Thankfully the people have the right to vote him out of office. Shame on him.

    • Correct Lois – we need to clean up elections first then maybe our votes will count. Full forensic audit for 2020 on the horizon I hear, as is a new way to vote. With all the political exposure the results will be fascinating!

  7. How would TJ feel about mask and vaccine mandates in order to attend the “My Body, My Choice” rallies in Texas to protest this law?

  8. Ever notice how many far left ideas use the words “justice” or “equity?” A pig with lipstick is still a pig. When will authoritarian leftists like Donovan come to terms with the fact that there are untold millions in our country who do not want to live under leftist edicts? We need far less narcissistic liberals in office. People need to think before they vote.

  9. Let’s work together to find and elect moral, servant-hearted people with good consciences to our Vermont State Government. Some people think Vermont is done and will always be Liberal/Marxist. Remember, there’s ALWAYS HOPE! The People need to act!

    The current Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State show by their actions, they do not understand individual liberty (born or unborn) and what it means to SERVE We The People. Let’s REPLACE/VOTE OUT the TYRANNY!!

  10. I challenge ALL of our Elected Vermont Leaders, especially TJ Donovan and his wife, to have the COURAGE to view a 4D Ultrasound of a Baby in a Mother’s Womb and SEE FOR YOURSELF THE HUMAN LIFE AND HEARTBEAT that exists.

    Remember: Fetus is the Latin word for Baby, Young One or Young Child. Face it! Be honest! Abortion is the MURDER of HUMAN LIFE.

  11. And guess what Donovan? You need to be deeply troubled by the STATE of your SOUL!!!!!!!! Enjoy your power on this earth……I’ve heard eternity is an awfully long time………