Digging deep for all of the State of Vermont’s EB-5 scandal records

Legal argument made by VT Journalism Trust lawyer during today’s Vermont Supreme Court hearing.

News outlet ask Supreme Court for all of the state’s documents on the financing scandal

The Vermont Supreme Court heard arguments this morning related to VTDigger’s public records request in the EB-5/Jay Peak scandal. After a suit was filed in 2020, the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development turned over some records, but did not indicate which records it did not provide.

The name of the case is Vt. Journalism Trust v. Agency of Commerce & Community Development. Vt. Journalism Trust is the parent organization of VTDigger, the online news outlet that has conducted investigative journalism about the EB-5/Jay Peak scandal.

The state is “[I]n clear violation of the public records statute,” wrote the ACLU of Vermont in a news release yesterday.

The one-hour hearing started at 9 a.m. It can be seen on the Vermont Judiciary’s YouTube account. (Information sourced from Journal-Opinion January 25 newsletter.)

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  1. You know what will happen if they keep digging? They are going to dig up the corrupt fossil Patrick Leahy. The left-wing communist rag VT Digger doesn’t want that to happen so just you wait and see the digging grind to a halt.

  2. I hope they keep fighting for the information. Most of us have our suspicions as to how high this went, it would be nice to have it confirmed. Politicians (past & present) need to be reminded that they are not above the law. it was so disappointing that Ariel Quiros, didn’t make good on his threat to expose everyone involved. Instead he made a nice plea deal and kept quiet. Funny how that happens….. I wonder if he ever paid the 8 Million dollar fine. I’m still looking for a copy of the spaghetti chart, that thing was diabolical.

    • I was thinking similarly. Sen Leahy probably has some “classified” documents about this scandal along with other classified documents. It seems that he and Gov Shumlin were a bit too anxious to have this EB-5 situation work out, and they would have come out looking pretty good.

      I bet most of the members of congress are looking to see what “homework” they have at their homes, camps, etc. I bet Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc are worrying now as they are next in line.

  3. All the politicians that were involved need to be charged–ie Leahy, Welch, Bernie, Shumlin, etc. I thank God that the truth was discovered about the scam before we had a LOT more foreigners getting a free pass to residency. .

  4. First you may have to pry Shumlin out of the NYC apartment owned by the convicted felon Quiros. If they do they can apply the screws on him to get to the bigger fish Leahy and Sanders. Gonna be good to see the parties to squirm. You have to follow the money . Hate to see Leahy spend his retirement years there but since he claims to have no net worth he will at least get three square meals per day. It’s the least we can do since he has done so much …

  5. The whole EB-5 program corrupted everyone it touched, as is Karmic, due to selling hard earned citizenship, for chump change, with no Due Dilligance, of any players.

    And to think that Leahy once sat on the intell committee,not too intelligent, given how easily the wool was pulled over his and his staff’s eyes.

    He did bring home bacon for Vermont; but at great cost to the nation, and the world, as a whole.

    A perfect case study in the argument for TERM LIMITS!!!

  6. Goodie goodie! Let’s find out…..What did Senator Warbucks and Governor Shamlin do, what did they know, when did they do it, when did they know it?