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Didn’t get your Vermont Daily Chronicle? Check your spam folder

Dear reader:

The internet giveth, and the internet taketh away.

A number of readers have complained recently that they no longer receive Vermont Daily Chronicle in their email inbox every Monday through Friday. They wonder if they have been cancelled or clumsily dropped or some other possibility.

In almost every case, the problem is a hyperactive spam filter. As our readership grows (thank you thank you!) so does algorithmic sensitivity to ‘spam,’ or supposedly unwanted, unsolicited email. In fact all Vermont Daily Chronicle recipients have requested their free subscription. But still, the algorithm sometimes summons his buddy Spam Risk, who then kicks your daily source of news you can’t read anywhere else over to his buddy, Spam Filter, who tosses it to Spam Folder.

The solution is to find your email spam folder, look for Vermont Daily Chronicle, open it, and (if offered) declare that it is NOT spam and that you would like to see it return to your daily newsfeed, thank-you-very-much.

Guy Page, Publisher

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