Despathy: Bravo for courageous Chelsea Green Publishing

Chelsea Green founders Ian and (President and Publisher) Margo Baldwin. photo.

by Alison Despathy

Thank you Guy as usual for reporting the real news – free of censorship. Your commitment to free press and freedom of speech is honorable and appreciated. Much gratitude.

I had written this to Seven Days as a letter to the editor in response to their, in my opinion, appalling, narrow-minded, one-sided piece on Chelsea Green Publishing. Haven’t seen it printed yet so wanted to share. Margo is a truth-seeking, brave woman.

I am writing in support of Margo Baldwin of Chelsea Green Publishing. The article written by Chelsea Edgar was vicious and misinformed. For decades, Chelsea Green has been leading and guiding the way towards sustainable perspectives and practices and a deeper understanding of the world and how to make it right. Their mission is clearly intended to benefit humanity and the earth.

A glance at Chelsea Green’s impressive books helps illustrate Margo’s vision, depth of understanding about the world and what type of wisdom may help. Many Vermonters have at least one Chelsea Green book in their collection, I have many and am grateful for Margo’s willingness to give everyone a chance to share their knowledge, without censorship. Their business model and support of local and new authors further reflects their integrity and bravery.

Chelsea Green is committed to the quest for truth and the support of differing opinions and the right of free speech. This is intimately tied to freedom and the evolution of our minds and practices -creating deeper understandings and positive change. Without the willingness to print differing views of the world, all we have is a propaganda machine. Chelsea Green’s decision to print this controversial book gives me hope that this is not the case and that free speech and the right to have a difference of opinion are alive and well. I offer my gratitude to Margo for her strength and willingness to uphold two core tenets of liberty – freedom of press and free speech.

The author is a St. Johnsbury clinical nutritionist and author of a three-part series published last month in Vermont Daily Chronicle explaining why many Vermonters are hesitant to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

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  1. Yes, after reading the Seven Days piece on Chelsea Green and Mercola I immediately purchased a copy of his book; very interesting so far!

    But you are also bringing up another issue which is that media is controlling not just what gets published in terms of books and articles but even the comments that people make about them. I doubt that Seven Days would want to publish many letters from those supportive of Chelsea Green for publishing the Mercola book; it’s not a viewpoint it wants to acknowledge or promote.

    The same with Front Porch Forum which definitely has decided to skew leftist, pro BLM, CRT, pro- vax and mask mandates etc. I suppose they figure that if most of the posts are in favor of this stuff then readers who disagree will surely figure they are alone in their viewpoints. I know I can’t get anything posted on it that opposes the vax and mask mandates mania!

  2. I must completely agree with the above post. Freedom to print was one of the very first items to be discussed by our founders well over 200 years ago. How soon we forget those basic freedoms bought and paid for by the lives and blood of so many brave believers. I further want to sing the praises of Guy Page for his bravery in publishing all the stories in our small piece of the world, stories that we remember from newspapers of days gone by but the kind we just no longer see. The Rutland Herald and the Burlington Free Press come to mind of those who have in recent years been corrupted. Thank you Mr. Page and the Baldwins for being our lone town criers in the village square. We true Vermonters depend on you.

  3. I spoke with Chelsea Green this morning to inquire if they had any retail area in WRJ. They do not. I mentioned that I may try Northshire Bookstore in Manchester. I am not going to hold my breath that they have purchased any copies.
    Chelsea Green Publishing needs Vermonters now. The left will certainly go after their business and threaten and /or boycott any bookstores that purchase from them. Lets show our support! If you can do so with a donation, fantastic! If not, a phone call or thank you card to them.
    We the People have freedom of speech! It’s high time we let our voices be heard

  4. i was appalled that 7 Days would print a piece that largely called for banning certain content. for a member of the media to be so against freedom of speech is not a good sign. 7 Days has become consistently pro vaccine with no room for another side. hopefully they are not just going to become another mouthpiece for government thought

  5. When did the left become so nasty? I’ve only been clean and sober going on three years now, but I always believed they were the gentle, compassionate ones so full of …….virtue and talk of diversity and goodness. Actually, I have known how rude they are since high school, but I was one of them, and finally figured out that their tricks are just communism101, and since Bernie and the Squad have come out of their creepy closets to gain national attention, and libs own education and media and Hollywood and know what’s better for us deplorables, just listen to Rose McGowan, who is coming around after criticizing Hillary, pushed off the road and her home broken into. “Democrats!” she said. She is or was one. They are the party of Antifah, BLM, BDS and Defund the Police. Liberal Madness!.

    • I believe in what I always believed. I’ve discovered that I followed “leadership” and organizations concerned only with their ow ascendancy.
      Sanders might not be as bad as he might look.