Deer jackers shoot at witness

Deer jackers shot out the windshield of a man following them, state police say.

Shortly before midnight on October 15, the Vermont State Police received a call from a motorist who had been involved in a crash. The victim, Robert Yount, 36, of Waterford had witnessed an apparent deer jacking/deer spotlighting on Duck Pond Road in Waterford. Yount said that he observed a vehicle identified only as an older style pickup truck, maybe a regular cab Ford with a plywood cap, lighting up a field off Duck Pond Road, with a rifle pointed out the window.

Yount followed the vehicle for about five miles in an attempt identity the offenders. Yount followed the vehicle along Duck Pond Road, Lower Waterford Road, Riverside Cemetery Road, and Old County Road. On the powerline access road that lies off Old County Road, an unidentified passenger from the vehicle shot towards Yount’s Jeep Renegade. A bullet hit the windshield of Yount’s vehicle, causing Yount to lose control and wreck his Jeep in a ditch. Yount was uninjured.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please reach out to the St. Johnsbury State Police Barracks at (802)-748-3111.

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  1. There’s a genius move: Try to ensure you are not caught for the crime of poaching – by murdering a potential witness.

    And Vermonters once had one of the best public school systems in the U.S.?

  2. Talk about giving legitimate hunters and hunting seasons in general a bad name…Maybe this person needs to move to California…He can rob the stores there at will with no legal repercussions and nobody will stand in his way, thus nobody gets hurt. Cali…, along with a few other Democrat states, welcomes thieves & criminality in general with open arms.

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