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Local woman’s body found in recycling center

Police have made tentative ID, police notifying next of kin

The Hartford [White River Junction] Police Department yesterday reported a body located within the Casella recycling processing center in Hartford, police say.

Upon arrival, it was determined that the body was that of a deceased female. She has been tentatively identified as a female from the Hartford VT area.

Contrary to social media speculation, she is not the missing Massachusetts woman whose possible murder has been the subject of recent media scrutiny, Hartford detectives said today. Her identity is not being released pending confirmation from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and notification of the next of kin.

The Vermont State police are assisting in this investigation. This is an active investigation and appears to be an isolated incident. There is no risk to the community. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to please contact the Hartford Police Department. 802-295-9425.

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  1. Vermont became the fourth U.S. State to legalize human composting, Act 169 signed by Governor Scott June 2, 2022. So, it appears the deceased was placed at the incorrect facility for “recycling.” Human decency, in life or death, no longer applies in Vermont. I wonder if Vermonters can inquire as to the use of human compost when purchasing locally grown vegatables or compost for their gardens? Are vaxed remains considered organic?

    • Of course some lurker is going to accuse you (and I) of being horribly insensitive here, but let’s be real…we live in a state that has a legal avenue for suicide and we just codified with a Constitutional Amendment the ability of a “pregnant person” to hire a professional to kill their unborn progeny, right up to the time of birth. Unless there was a crime committed in this case by a second party, it seems, as you said, that it is simply a case where someone used the wrong sorting at the recycling dropoff. Casella may need to clarify their sorting instructions. As you implied, a human life is not worth much these days in Vermont, as in the other parts of the world that operate under marxist philosophies.

      • Check out Recompose.life website. The death merchants have set up shop and God only knows what other macrabe industries operate with blessing and support from the State. The poor soul dumped at Casella’s is miniscule to the number of souls snuffed out by drug dealers, planned parenthood, et al. God sees it all and judgement will be theirs to endure.

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