Dame: It’s the economy, everybody – inflation hits 9.1%

by Paul Dame

I wasn’t even born the last time inflation was this high. Thus the economy is becoming the #1 issue for the November elections. At least 56% of Americans believe that Democrat Joe Biden’s policies are making things worse. Even among Democrat voters themselves, Biden gets more blame (27%) than credit (20%) for the state of the economy. Democrat policies don’t work.

Paul Dame

And while regular Democrat voters are willing to talk about this to pollsters, on the campaign trail we see Democrats trying to push the focus back on to almost any other issue, which will surely affect an even smaller number of people.

This has left me (and perhaps you) incredibly frustrated as you’ve watched any of the primary debates. We are in for one of the worst cases of inflation, coupled with a shrinking workforce and supply chain disruptions – and yet there has been very little, and in some cases virtually no discussion of the economy among the candidates. Instead, much of the time has been filled by rehashing discussions of abortion, guns and Trump.

But we’re done complaining about it, and in two weeks we’re going to do something. The beautiful thing about today’s fractured media landscape is that it has created an opportunity for more of us to go directly to the people.

So the Vermont Republican Party is announcing today that it will be holding its own candidate forum focused exclusively on the economy. Monday night August 1st from 5-8pm we will host our candidates for U.S. Senate, U.S. House and the Lt. Governor’s Race for a series of three candidate forums with a spotlight on the problems facing both the U.S. and the Vermont economy, and how our Republican candidates would address them once in office. Thanks to our friends at Northwest Access TV, our event will be broadcast live for local TV viewers in Franklin County, as well as being available statewide via YouTube.

As Republicans we have an opportunity this year to capitalize on our strengths. Voters routinely identity the economy as their top issue, and with that more voters, especially a growing number of independents are willing to trust Republicans with a turn at the helm after the disaster that Biden’s policies have been over the past two years. Unlike many other issues Democrats want to focus on, the economy is the one issue that literally affects all of us. From Senior citizens getting squeezed by inflation, to young people struggling to afford their first home or apartment, everybody cares about an improving and prosperous economy, and under Joe Biden and the Democrats things are worse now than they were 2 years ago for many people.

Here in Vermont we’ve had nearly 20 years of Democrat Party rule in both the House and the Senate. And while we have continued alternating the party of our Governor, in both cases Phil Scott and Jim Douglas have been handcuffed by an activist legislature where very few Democrats in power have the every day experience of making it work in the regular economy.

A long time ago, Democrats used to be known as the party of the working class. But I can’t think of a single “Blue Collar” Democrat in the Vermont legislature who had any kind of influence or power. Today’s Democrat party is largely made up or former or current employees of either state government or non-profits who receive a significant portion of their funding from the state. This means Democrats has consistently distanced themselves from so many people just trying to fill their gas tank, get to work, and buy groceries. They have lost touch with the private and for-profit sectors of the economy, and forgotten how to even talk to them, much less represent them.

As Democrats have distanced themselves from workers and the ground-level of this economy, it means that year by year their policies get even more distanced as well. Just a few months ago Vermont Democrats were pushing to raise the cost of home heating fuel, being narrowly stopped by the entire Republican caucus standing firm together to protect so many home owners from going cold this winter. The Vermont Republican Party has become the party for the average worker in Vermont. We know what a struggle it is to make ends meet. House Republicans were running on the issues of affordability 8 and 10 years ago! And while every September Democrats come out with some kind of lip service on the issue, the proof is in the policies – and nothing helpful ever gets done. In fact things seems to have been getting worse over time.

But 2022 could be the turning point our economy needs. With a growing number of Republicans getting elected to the House & Senate this year, we have a chance to put a more firm check on the Democrats and their reckless economy-shaking policies. This could be the perfect storm Vermont Republicans need to make important gains to turn the tables and shift the focus back where it needs to be.

But it doesn’t matter how much the electorate wants a change, they can’t get it if people don’t run. We still have a few dozen seats that are going uncontested where Democrats will sail to victory entirely unopposed. Would YOU consider running? If you want to learn more about running for office, contact us and we can still help you get on the General election ballot if we act quickly before August 9th, or even if we already have a candidate in your district, every one of them – especially our new candidates – could use a hand.

If 2022 is going to be a “Red Wave” year – it won’t be rode” the wave and waited for it to do everything for us. No, if we want this to be a Red Wave year, we have to be the ones to go out and MAKE the waves we need to see to create change in our economy and in the lives of so many Vermonters.

The author is an Essex Junction resident and chair of the Vermont Republican Party.

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  1. Re: “Today’s Democrat party is largely made up o[f] former or current employees of either state government or non-profits who receive a significant portion of their funding from the state.”

    I have news for you. It’s not just democrats. Just consider what entrenched politicians like Joe Benning are saying. He’s as devious as any democrat – if not more so, as he masquerades as a ‘conservative’.

  2. Everyone must discern for themselves who to “vote” for in the “selections”.

    Ask each potential candidate: 1. Do you believe the 2020 November 3rd Election was Rigged and work to eradicate a failed voting system? 2. Will you help to end Child/Human Sex Trafficking? and 3. Will you sign your name, honoring your word, with a contract to We The People stating so?

    Watch and Listen to their responses. You can then decide to whom to “vote” for in the next “selection”.

    Galatians 6:7 7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    Liberty is from God not man. Trust the Truth, Trust God.

  3. Politics today is a corrupt business model……all parties involved though I do believe most “newbies” go with a mind to “fix” things…..once there they realize fixing it will only mean they are on the outside looking in….making no difference at all. I believe we need another party…….a party of the people…….I will not nor have ever identified as R or D or I……..and yet I have to choose to “be one” or I cant vote……In this day and age I call THAT DISCRIMINATION! I say SAVE a tree, Put it all on ONE piece of paper and cease making folks like me write in our choices……….ONE BALLOT RULE!! I know, you all are chuckling I’m sure……….but it’s just such another ridiculous waste………like most of those who represent NOT

  4. Dear Paul,

    It seems you try hard, but you just don’t “see” how you refuse to deal with the root problems of the Republican Party in Vermont that need true reform. You lack the insight, courage and convictions to be a much needed Reformer for the Vermont Republican Party. This is most likely the reason you openly voice such disdain for Trump. He “sees” and is a True Reformer.

    Like in other states, you and others in the Leadership of the State Republican Party have convinced yourselves you can avoid what you call “social issues” not talking about them at all and pretending they don’t exist while hyper focusing on “fiscal issues.” You think this is the “winning strategy.”

    Combine this strategy with also allowing anyone with any beliefs and views to run on the State Republican Ballot under the “big tent” and you have created a formula for certain failure. For good measure, also add a written State Republican Party Platform saying it lays out Party Beliefs. Then, ignore it, don’t seek to live by it and do not provide accountability to it for those elected or candidates.

    Even though this failed formula of “fiscal issues only,” “big tent candidates,” and a “fake words only Party Platform” have failed the State Party over and over and over in gaining Republican Representation, you and other Party Leadership keep on banging your heads against the same wall expecting a different outcome. Insanity?

    REAL REPUBLICANS don’t trust you and are not committed to the State Party. RHINOS like Phil Scott and Joe Benning use you for their personal gains and destroy any hope of Party trust and real effectiveness.

    Will you ever “see” your actions and choices are self-destructive?

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